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  1. No idea

    How do i beat gandalf in a battle between wizzards?
  2. You don't

    Why randomly bump the best thread(no bias :lol:)
    Some actually pretty funny stuff in here lol
  3. This thread is actually a repost of a thread from early 2010. It died along with every otbmher thread, though i forget what happened. The devs did something to forums.

    Will you marry me?
  4. No.

    Who's worse, Jacob Sartorious or Justin Bieber?
  5. Why no get rid of both
    Weed or cociane?
  6. Weed

    What looks better my middle finger or my middle toe?
  7. Middle finger. Toe has something green growing on it

    Why is water wet?
  8. Because Wetness is the essence of beauty...

    Was Hansel referencing zoolander also? Or the fairy tale character? when the guy that created the build, chose the name
  9. Only the stars may know

    Am i closer to 60mcs, or 60000kcs?
  10. I'd say u're closer to being a smart ass lol

    What's the news?
  11. A polish politician just said that women should earn less, cause they are weaker, smaller and less intelligent.

    What's the meaning of your kaw name?
  12. Ahhh...the night....

    What is it with kaw and these noob post count farming threads
  14. Idk

    What is keyboard plus tomato when there is a Chuck E. Cheese on your roof on a Tuesday?
  15. Pizza?

    Who do you think should be the king and queen of KAW?
  16. Spragga is the king & the ata team are his queens lol

    Who is the most widely-known kawer today?
  17. Grant.

    What gets wet when drying?

    What has a head and a tail but no body?

    I have keys but no locks.
    I have space but no room.
    You can enter, but can't go outside.
    What am I?

    The more you take, the more you leave behind.
    What am I?
  18. A towel
    A coin
    A keyboard

    What is the square root of 1
  19. 1

    What's for dinner?
  20. Chicken tenders & chips.

    How do you know that you know?