Ares vs Sparta elite owner and friends

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  1. Dig as deep as you like but I don't like bullies ill talk the same on every thread I see like this. Trust if I yada bigger although you would know
  2. GO ON GLENN 'AV 'EM!!!
  3. My first and last post on this thread. Ive been keeping up with this thread since the beggining and i want to make a few things known. First if I wanted to talk trash it would have been done already. Second i was kicked from SE months ago my opinion on the matter was brought up in a conversation and seen as a verbal assault on the clan it was not. i was instantly jumped on and it was denied i was until I provided the SS. Then the stories changed. Now I am in a 1v1 with spartan war machine regardless to how futile it may or may not be. I fight for a purpose and thats all there is to the story.
  4. Need I say more?? 
  5. I hope you can back those 20 alts up with devices. Have a great flipping day!
  6. OP has lots of accts, I've seen my fair share of them.
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  8. so first as he first stated it did not begin as a 1v1 where when i produced this ss he changed his story. lie number one
  9. Lie number two he said i didnt cut it and didnt have any of the SE traits he was looking for yet he he offered......

  10. so im curious as to where my character should be called into question when i was called a liar yet heres the proof its the other way around. take it how you want it. 
  11. Whoaaaa wait let me get this straight he just said you were dropped because you didn't make the cut but he offered out a....joint ownership with a family clan?lmfao exposed lmfao
  12. Omg!! I hate you and your useless to my clan... but do you want a joint leadership position? Lololol what crap is this
  13. Looks like the case is rapped up Watson...
  14. So se is basically farming him for not wanting to be a leader for their clan?? Stupid stupid stupid
  15. Wheres se owner to defend himself unless this is true
  16. Seriously. The owner of Sparta elite is a hypocrite