ARE YOU TRADING the wrong way?

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  1. Simple post really. Let’s debate.(not argue) the use of the trading system .

    Personal opinion first off : Trading has already been ruined by the famed exploiters .

    What I mean : The exact same people who hoarded accounts to throw wars for bfe,gold and seals etc added trading to their list of deeds.
    How so???
    Well look at who controls the price of anything you want/need(furniture wise)
    What are you getting at liv?
    What I’m trying to say was that trading was implemented so you could barter (not outsmart,outmaneuver and swindle) for visual aspects you want in your castle furnishings.
    But - those same people who ruined ee , took it as a directive to take from you what you’ve spent years acquiring. Prime example. An event rolls out.You pay or play to a certain reward their and over the course of the event you acquire what you deem as a hefty haul of furniture and bfe for your kingdom.Lets say you’re obviously missing some furniture pieces . (Johndoe) does the same but in addition , johndoe decides he’s gonna sell his furniture for a price.Now Johndoe could be fair and forthcoming but instead he’s looking at profits . So he has something you need whatever that may be,and upon seeing you post wc in search of it , he begins to play you. He offers to wc whatever it is he wants to sell at a price . But when you follow him he tells you the price has changed bc (x) amount of offers have been made or (your charms offers aren’t maxed out so they are mysteriously devalued ,as if raw stats aren’t on the table )
    Skip ahead to the trade being completed likely not in your favor .Now the question is

    Where are all the solid traders. None of this furniture crap is rare unless of course it dropped from lb so why are the prices so high and unreasonable for basic drops.

    Would it not be simpler to trade furni for furni... same stats (lvl) etc so all can be happy.
    I’m ranting at this point bc it’s seriously not a fair game anymore. Whatevs ,back to existing.
  2. I’m a solid trader.....
  3. You are 
  4. My guy 

  5. I can 100% vouch for this dude, we were in osw against each other and he told me how much i had been undervalueing my own stuff and not only gave me a fair trade but prevented me from getting ripped off in the future.
  6. Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man
  7. Thanks bro, always trying to keep the trading community as fair and clean as possible. Regardless of enemy clans etc etc
  8. What does fair have to do with anything? If two parties agree on terms and a deal is made, then that’s the end of the story. Both parties walk away with something from the other.

    Feel like you’re getting a crappy deal? Just say no thanks and walk.

    What obligation do I as a trader have to offering you a “fair” deal? Should my goal not be to get the most for what it is I’m trading/selling?

    The only value these things have is determined by who wants it and what you’re willing to take for it.
  9. Right Room:
    New pet 800mcs-1.4bcs
    Old pets 400mcs & up
    Chandelier 80-125mcs
    Floor piece 20-60mcs

    Main Room:
    Throne 200-400mcs
    Dais 70-150mcs
    Pillars 80-120mcs
    Rug 35-50mcs
    Right side throne 15-35mcs
    Left side throne 15-35mcs
    Banner 10-25mcs
    Floor 10-20mcs
    Wall 10- 20 mcs

    Left Room:
    Top right 175-350mcs
    Bottom right 100-200mcs
    Left bottom 50-80mcs
    Left middle 40-80mcs
    Top left 50-100mcs

    I take no credit for this list it was given to me in pm as base trade! Which I find these prices to be more than fair. And side note I learned hard way not to show my extreme desperation for a certain piece because that also causes them to go up in price! Also noticed that ppl ask for an offer, you offer and instead of saying no thanks they jack it up x20 originally what it should have been! I've also traded with DEO on multiple accounts and he's always fair!! Thank you!!
  10. Thank you Mrs. Beefy, being someone that dont trade regularly its nice to have some base prices to go by! :)
  11. I would just like to point out that you are currently arguing, not debating
    Dont worry though, the difference is not well known.
  12. Thanks Stacy B-) and welcome also!
  13. This info is also posted in another thread. But the sense of trading is one person really wants something.. And you have it. Supply and demand. You set your price. They either buy it, haggle, or cry because you wont give it to them for free cause theyre just going to dismantle it (to max a piece and then sell for huge markup). I use these prices as a standard and always start from there for furn.

    But rare charms such as top 10 pieces and moth equip and other high stat rare charms... Your price is your price.. You have it and others dont. So it goes back to supply and demand. As much of a fair trader as some may claim theres always a profit. Its the whole point of trading.
  14. I didn't know about it being in another thread but, I figured it could use posting. But as far as rares that I do understand about mark up, I was simply stating for out dated base it should not be marked up that way! But, I agree with prices for rares and top 10!
  15. Ideas/features/pg2/furnishings to charm value. Same prices given. same prices i use to estimate the value of furnishings.