Aqua/Inferno/Equip/Mith MARKET

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  1. support! have a 1 hour bidding period and no buy now option so people carnt just get it dirt cheap and exploit, plus have a limit to say 10 items u can buy in the market a day or something like that please consider devs
  2. The Devs could create a "neutral" market with the items so that it could not be easily exploited. For example, set up the market similar to the pot market.

    A player turns in his old equipment for some payment or some market credit. Then, at some random time, the equipment appears in the market for a fixed price.

    Players who already have better equipment will not buy the old equipment because they cannot make a profit on it.

    With Mith, Aqua, and Inferno, this is more difficult because as soon as any of these hit the market, they would be gobbled up by the most active, lurkers. However, if they are only sold for market credit, and market credit is the only currency to purchase them, then it would act more as an exchange. purchasing these items would be limited to people who sold similar items. In other terms, if you had, say, 126 Aqua and 4 Inferno, you could trade in your Aqua, and have the currency to buy Inferno on the market.

    Random availability of sold items, credit only purchasing, fixed prices. It is not as much fun as a free market, but it would be far less exploitable.

  3. Major support, I've got plenty of mith equip to sell or trade off
  4. Support support support please do this devs it would add such a new and exciting side to the game
  5. Support ... 601 of the elements !
  6. Support!!
  7. For those who love to use the word "exploit" to knock down this idea without giving a good explanation, I don't see how trading between two accounts is an exploit meaning: "making use of a situation in a way considered unfair or underhand". Most people have alts from which they volley gold too and through and sell off unwanted allies, is this an exploit? I don't think so. Same way then if you wish to sell off unwanted equipment, aqua or inferno etc then it's no exploit. It's something you have earned which you are then passing off to an alt (if needs be). However this is not the main issue and I'm sure there are things the devs could set in place to ensure you can't just keep making profit by default. At the end of the day and alt still makes gold the same way a main account does.
  8. You should be able to trade old mith equip in for 40% off the original amount of mith used to purchase it. You should not be able to sell mith in a market as this could be "exploited" simple. However a market for inferno and aqua cannot be "exploited" as such.

    I think trading aqua in for crystals is asking too much and is very unlikely to happen. But I do think non-mith equipment, aqua and inferno should have a market just like allies.

    The game would improve and tbh my shoulders are getting tired, from carrying too much unwanted goods. Need to offload soon devs, especially as Kaw admin is saying its a good idea! Lets get to it!

    IL 
  9. Support

    For the mith exploit, maybe a market for different cs ranges?
  10. Possibly Kaz or simply don't have a mith market but still have a mith equipment market. Obviously mithril itself can be bought for less with one account then sold on the cheap to a main but this won't happen as devs already regulate how many mith can be bought per day. For the simple reason that you can only earn and gain strength from mith BFE through wars. Which is good and makes it exclusive. But I have no problem with an account wanting to either trade in an old piece of mith equip for mith from the devs like trading gold for inferno. Or selling mith equipment to anyone who is willing to pay enough gold.
  11. Devs if you wish to speak to me about this idea in more detail. Feel free to pm me. And we can get to work on it right away 
  12. Full support. Would make the game much more interesting. Ally market gets boring after a while ;)