Apple VS FBI

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  1. That number (70) didn't came out of blue. Was used by FBI in court to back their request.
  2. The thing is Apple is asking ur permission to use ur location. If u don't want to let then use it location then u can simply say no. But he court is ordering them to let out peoples secret they said they were going to protect. If they do that then people won't trust Apple anymore. Which ruins thier business around the world. So Apple won't make a new code to bypass their own code. Also if hacker get the new code then the hacker can basically access anyone phone and know all your stuff on it phone. Which could also lead into Apple not being trustworthy and then their sells drops. So I don't think Apple will make a new program to bypass thier last one. But then again it is important to catch the terriorst so it's really hard to know what is the right thing.
  3. The owner of the phone is dead, so does he still have privacy rights?
  4. Moose i believe there should be a fine line with a privacy in this case of terrorism! I feel like they should apply sense, in fact he is a terrorist and wanted to harm others.... There's stipulations and exceptions to the rules
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  7. I think the fbi should ask Moose to unlock the phone he did a good job of getting this thread unlocked.:)
  8. The owner is a terrorist under investigation. Dead or alive he no longer had privacy rights when a judge served a search warrent.
    IMO it's Apple's rights as a private corporation getting trampled on as they are being ordered to write code that currently does not exist. It would be different if the code already existed, but it does not. In the past, Apple had a back door into the data on iPhones but Apple stepped up security in recent years which is why they were willing to help the FBI in past cases but not with this one.
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  10. You make a very good point, but, I'm going to play devils advocate with you.

    What is terrorism? If you're not careful you can use that word as a catch all.
  11. Today the forums tomorrow the world Moose

    The biggest problem we face is not the here and now but the future. People have elected crazy power hungry politicians into power before. We as the general public can't be trusted as group to make the right choices.

    Yes I want everyone to live a happy and safe world and terrorist to be brought to justice.

    One of the downside to this is the idea that they will be able to open the mic on your phone and listen in. Yep I have phone in my pocket and accidentally called people and the other way round. That's a great way to hear nothing but the sound of a phone knocking about in a pocket. So unless they can transform the physical technology that's not going to be a problem.

    Would any of this happened if hadn't gone looking for oil in Iraq....sorry weapons of mass destruction. (I think they were referring to the global warming as the weapon.)

    Catch 22 where do we draw the line
  12. The phone wasn't his to begin with. It is the property of the city.....he was a city employee. The city never set it up with an administration passcode. Since they didn't do that it shouldn't be Apple responsibility to hand over and or write code that will virtually hand over everyone's idevice to the federal government.

    That being said, every business and or government branch that issues these devices to their employees should have the knowledge how to work the capabilities of those devices in question.
  13. All the terrorists around the world have just switched to iPhones.

    Thanks FBI. :|
  14. Welcome to the world of IT as it should be, not as it exists in this reality.
  15. Moose, if you in any way whatsoever can get in touch with the Feds, tell them I can hack through the iPhoneit's not that hard. All I want is 10 thousand dolla's. Back when I was a tweaker, I learned a lot about how to hack into stuff bypass security. Keep in mind, I had to learn to do that because I was doing a lot of illegal things and had a lot of stuff that wasn't mine
  16. IOS 9.1 + doesn't even have a jailbreak if u can jailbreak you can break right though easy (That's if the jailbreak can break though the password many of the lastest need the password to have already be entered as DFU mode method doesn't work on a a5+ cpu  it's still not hard to get the media folder but everything else is locked and encrypted So just getting the data is unless without being able to unencrypt it 
  17. O the media folder can't be gotten into without phone being unlocked forgot about that lol
  18. Only in this thread we have three iPhone hackers so far. And FBI have none!? Damn you Obama to spend money on Obamacare instead hand it to FBI in order to hire a decent hacker.
  19. I'm federal agent. The job is yours.
  20. Sounds legitjust pm me when you're ready