Apology to The Hit Squad

Discussion in 'Wars' started by ZachGhost, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Even if you got scammed you still shouldn't be dishonorable in a CF, be the bigger person
  2. I get socks? Yay!
  3. Never again, is what you swore, the time before
  4. Op you don't get to decide how you get out of this, they do if you're the one willing to surrender like a *****
  5. Did the HiT guy get his account back?? And btw hi danny
  6. Apologize sincerely and quit trying to turn your problems around on us. We didn't do this, your "account" did lol. You be a bigger man and realize that War is Hell! If you can't handle getting handled, then stop being irresponsible with your "account"! You've done nothing but cry on this thread, you need to be saying it'll never happen again. The "account" you took advantage of also needs an apology. Chalk this up to a butt whoopin you don't want to receive again. Dueces
  7. What a *****, if your gonna give up your **** and balls and apologize then just do so. Your post was garbage...I think I'm gonna star farming you
  8. Hey hobbit barcode when will your brain click into place and realise your wrong, if I remember your wall posts we wasn't the only clan on your case learn your lesson
  9. Noob needs to learn how to scam.

    Everyone is copying me and knocks lol
  10. Damn scammer..you get what you deserved.
  11. Love it! Op admits to scamming, them has the temerity to whine about honour. Worst 'apology' ever. I see zero allies in your future op. 
  12. Support to the HiT squad! Kick his ass!
  13. lol...does no one look at dates? This is nearly two months ago.
  14. Heh, good pickup. I need to open my eyes. 