Apology to The Hit Squad

Discussion in 'Wars' started by ZachGhost, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I'd like to apologize to the actions that my account has caused to The Hit Squad.

    My account went on a scamming rampage and scammed a hit member sharp18.

    I would like to ask for a cease fire and for the owner of The Hit Squad to unblock me.

    Let me say 1 thing I asked for a CF of 10 hours and you broke it by stripping me, that is dishonorable, but I still will go up on my end.

    Now I have done all that you have asked. I wish to be left alone if you would be so kind.
  2. By 'my account' you mean you? As you were controlling the account, and if someone else was controlling the account; it's account sharing. And you'll be banned.
  3. Op sounds butt hurt  I hope they say no and keep farming 
  4. ŦĦɆ ĦᎥŦ ႽQɄȺƉ 
  5. Deja is this good?
  6. BAM
  7. Good ? I would not even call this effort ....
  8. Why bother scamming if you won't stand your ground when someone cries?
  9. Well now I dont like your tone barcode. You were asked to drop your allies. You did not.
    As well you call us dishonorable when it was you who scammed us in the first place.
    You came into our clan, asked kindly for a volley then left before buying back. We have integrity to protect. You need to learn to respect lb clans, and how to volley scam properly. I suppose we'll see how the boss feels, but honestly you need to reevaluate your values.
    Look where taking shortcuts got you.
  10. I was told to drop before the 10 hours were up
  11. Yep. You showed no initiative for remorse for your actions. And yes you continue to refer to yourself as 'this account' you are not taking responsibility even still.
    Kinda empty and disrespectful still. Guess you need some growing up still. We will keep having fun in meantime
  12. I feel funny that after I did what I was told to do I am still a farm target
  13. You feel so good farming my account when you have your whole clan to help. You know you are going to win. Why not be real men and do a 1 on 1
  14. I find it funny that the one time scammer got played and now he is upset about it. Your apology is half hearted and you blame your actions on some fictitious person. I have multiple ss of you bragging that you scammed our clan and you we're taking us on.

    Besides a sincere forum apology, which this doesn't constitute, you were told to rehire your stripped allies as well. Seems like you have a lot of work to do before a CF is considered.
  15. Sigh I should learn to use pc for forums so I can edit typos. But you get the point. Your a tool and no CF
  16. Wow , socks for op