Apology post to DeVaSt4TioN

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -Tom_Slick-, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. H.A. I am proud of you all
  2. Lock please
  3. Respect to Hardcore Alliance. Enjoyed the scrap
  4.  respect to hardcore members 
  5. I love my family and friends at devestation. Great work!!
  6. ANYWAYS, I ensure you that me and my family hardcore aren't scared of anyone. I had left for reasons not needed. Hardcore will never die, DV4, great war
  7. Respect to you am your clan 
  8. Your#1 got stripped so quickly lol
  9. Pacman

    Our #1 was gone when it started. You should know the facts before you talk about them buddy.

    Lock please
  10. PAC man not your war he wasn't even there
  11. PAC do not disrespect a clan u know nothing about. They fought hard they have our respect
  12. What she said! Tom - thanks for cf thread and Hardcore Alliance - respect for lasting as long as you did!
  13. Respect to all in war and everyone that gave me inc hard warriors over there gl in kaw
  14. calling your friends noobs makes you a noob
  15. Dread, bad idea to be smart buddy
  16. Devastation are a bunch of scrubs, nubs
  17. Respect to all you at hardcore, you should be proud of each other as you stuck together, great to see how loyal you are to each other
  18. i am smart, in all honors classes :ugeek:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.