Apocolypse Members Deserve to hear the TRUTH

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *We_Deserve_Better (01), Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. Someone doth protest too much, methinks ...
  2. That chongo fail I would say is impersonating him in a harmful way? But I wouldn't know,I only know the ToU
  3. Wat clan is forty six and two?!? Osw experience?? Seems like a newbie just setup clan. Pls dun any how bark in forum of you have no osw experience... Thank u.
  4. [​IMG]
    Lol Fail Chongo Hombre wannabe
  5. Chongo as you try to imitate the real Chongo. Many know him and know his English is no where near as bad as yours as shown above. Yes, you are imperisanating another payer which is against ToU and you can be banned for that if I'm not mistaken
  6. @ barcode, r u sure it's against TOU to impersonate an ordinary player???

    Who give a damn.......


    Boss Of DAFT Carnage
  7. It is against ToU, I believe.
  8. @ --ZueS---

    lol You keep changing your position title! :roll:

    Boss of ZAFT Garbage

    But also,
    Boss of DAFT Carnage

    Why not just combine them to,
    Boss of DAFT Garbage?

    :geek: Just saying!

    Also, no hard feelings, zaft lol You already don't seem to like my posts (thus my wall :lol: )
  9. Quit being a titty baby, I declare war on Zaft and Apocolypse, I'll show them both how daddy does it.
  10. I usually stay out of osw threads but i have to post this... Kudo's to apoc family for staying of this thread and not rising to the immaturity. I see a lot of people making alts of respected LB players.. My advice would be get life get a wife and mind ur busines. Good luck in osw both familys im sure there will be plenty more threads made.. Stay true
  11. As the last part of my post was cut off - here it is now

    Cont: If i was a zaft spy i would have sent that long ago. why would a a member trusted enough to be modded in a mainly silenced room so that you can post to the whole room leave the room then the room is closed down? very odd indeed.
    In general I didn't take the hard call to make a thread to discredit what we are doing in war - far far from it but i do stand by the connect as truth.

    I made it about the fact our leaders don't tell us the truth and for us to win we have to address this now before things get worse.

    Moral is low in my opinion and now with no central news room we are basically cut off and many know what I've saying is correct yet no one will actually stand up and agree with my facts so whos the worse person here? An alt who is open and wants to encourage change NOW or a main blindly ignoring the truth.. ?

    Me being an alt or main cannot change the simple FACT that what I said in my opening post was correct and yes at every turn we are lied too.
    If any apoco member or leader wishes to argue about what I have stated pls do so as I want kaw to see the truth behind the propaganda here and actually move forward in changed tactics to win this war against zaft.

    Those that still want to ignore my factual content and focus on my identity are either stupid or just afraid to ask questions or search kaw for proof that my thread is genuine and based purely on real alliance / war events. I never stated how much we took off simmo.. the rumours vary in amount - what i said was the largest strip in kaw history and yes we have kicked zaft ass around kaw but no where near the extent we are being told we are..

    I understand many threads have been made over this war and i understand all too well that any statless alt is automatically considered a spy or whatever. That's to be expected but this one is based on actual events and fact not my perception of the war or some desire to see it fail. All i want is for our leaders who accepted responsibility in the first place to actually earn some honour and post the real facts.

    I'm deeply saddened that my thread meant to help my alliance has been twisted into about me when it's about lies at the root of our leadership - this has to change before we can move forward and finish the war.

    My clan is an honourable one and wars proudly against zaft. Sad our leaders have to twist everything and treat us as blind drones when what we deserve is to have truth given to us. Is that simply too much to expect from a leader?

    So just for once kaw.. Look beyond my stats or question by motives and look at the FACTS I've posted compared to what we apoco are being told by our leaders. i Challenge any apoco leader to post on this thread and state i'm lying about my comments and concerns - post your evidence that any of my comments are lies. Please lets open up our war effort and then we will see who has real honour.. As an alt i could say all range of things but i havn't and any apoco member will know this and ask if hes an alt why isn't he trying to do this or that???

    it's becuase while i am an alt i want to see apoco win but not at the cost of clans being smashed while lies are spun.. every tactic zaft deploys we can counter as a family - just start treating us a equals who deserve the truth.

    Look at chongos stats (record his win losses for a couple of days if you wish) and the daily gap that's closing between him and silph on the battles lb and still tell us he is holding his own against red and lar lar (yes we in apoco often use that term for laoda) like weezus boasts. The truth is worse. The truth is we all look upto chongo as a figurehead and if the truth was known and aware so many in apoco will loose faith and want to leave. I mean if the strongest player in our alliance is having his role and performance hidden then what about all the rest? Again this is so hard to write and please dont be stupid enough to think i'm writing to discredit Chongo. I believe the problem is with our leaders twisting events and facts to suit the war. BUT either now or at the end of the war the truth always finds a way out.. I personally dont want to wait till the end of war for facts to come out and some of our leaders say they messed up.. its a game. but dont loose yourself by lying to the very people you serve. If you cant post the truth dont post lies.

    I don't want to keep exposing stuff on the forums. Would rather an apoco leader actually did the honourable thing and posted this thread saying my comments are justified or whatever and that they are addressing them then I will hope beyond hope that things change and I will disappear. at that point this thread should be locked as it will have served its purpose and for once the truth becomes more important than lies presented to keep the majoity in this war.

    If not I will have no choice but to keep posting facts for kaw to judge in the hope that at some point I get an official reaction and indeed things change before things go too far.

    Our internal account sale room has now been closed - is that lies?

    Look at the truth of our clans slowly dropping down the lb and tell me... is that lies?

    Look at the rest of what i have said and see its that's also lies

    I'm sorry if the truth here is too much for some to even read and they just want to focus on me being a zaft alt or spy..
  12. Was that a pin hitting the floor...?
  13. wars seems a lost cause now more than ever for apoc.
  14. @ We_Deserve_Better

    Please refrain from posting screen shots with blatant bypasses. I've removed your post, but next time I will silence you.
  15. I can this all the "apoco" members laughing at this.
  16. MG 2 has dissapeared disbanded members leaving because of lack of communication, Laodas wall is filled with CFs and not all are there. Failed tactics idk the whole story but it appears you are losing off of forums.
  17. Personally, I would have to say that because your posting with an alt, it makes your entire argument baseless.

    I know you've heard it before, but seriously. You want the forum to be aware of the low morale and the "lies" Apoc is telling their warriors, but posting with an alt is a form of deceit in itself. If Apoc is indeed doing what you say, and you are that passionate about bringing it to the light, then you would post with your main that you say is an Apoc admin. Only then will forumers know that you do indeed know firsthand the situation that is being presented to us, and only then will anything you say actually be taken seriously.
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