Apocolypse Members Deserve to hear the TRUTH

Discussion in 'Wars' started by *We_Deserve_Better (01), Feb 5, 2013.

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  1. I Boss of DAFT Garbage say to OP, UMADBRO?????


    U jusJELLY
  2. this is a great read from history !
  3. ob·sess
    preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.
  4. Being Jesus, you'd have a ton of experience there.
  5. I, like many in the community, oppose the locking of old war threads because of spam posts. I feel they add a lot to KaW history and culture. So please take your random posts elsewhere. If its not relevant to this past war, kindly dont post it here.

    If you are still discussing the OP/war, feel free to continue to post as long as it is on topic
  6. Wow I thought redstar and chongo_hombre where freinds
  7. Must be throwback monday, this thread is super cool! Has any of the revelations in OP come true or has anyone ever found out who OP's main is?? Far out!!1!!!!1! Youre right Roni, this is a great read from history, best of pls mod.
    On Topic 

    My post was not random, it was a reply to Roni's necrobump, as I kindly pointed out before you deleted my post.

    Actually, some of your mods buddies dont have a problem with it. They love to lock gems after they get spammed, sometimes even just for no reason at all!
  8. I read 4 paragraphs and I couldn't read anymore. Op you should just quit KAW and go play fairy kingdoms. Seriously!

    You're an admin of an APOC clan? How'd you get that responsibility? You are a disgrace to APOC. You failed as an admin. You never thought ZAFT would go to war over 1 member!?!? Do you know nothing about ZAFT at all? Most of your clan wasn't osw ready? You're fault as admin. You didn't know war was coming? Really who does? Get over it. You've told your entire alliance war strategy in this thread. You're a traitor and a cry baby. Zaft is laughing at you. Congratulations, you've hurt your alliance and made yourself look like a butt hurt noob.
  9. #1 - It's an account we can't click on/was an statless alt. It holds on credibility without proof.

    #2 - This is 2 years old. Ie, the war two years ago
  10. #3
  11. Look I stopped reading when as soon as you said ALT. I don't care who you osw with or for what reason, I may however give you my time in reading if you at least posted with you main acc. You don't go into osw against major players unprepared that is just idiotic at best. Now I ask you to please remove this and create a new one with your main get a backbone bro.
  12. I thought this was about the current war, until i read the part about redstar hitting chongo. Redstar doesnt hit anything but red apheriun today
  13. Who cares. I'm in this war cause I want to be.
  14. 2013...... Jeez. It's 2015 mate
  15. I agree on principle cause too many players n clans put up a front n deny losses or failures! Its war! All will suffer losses! Just do what u can to hurt the other side the most!
  16. Exactly. Osw is like any real war. Neither side wins, one just loses more.
  17. Accusing players of attempting to sell their accounts and selling their accounts. Locking
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