Apoc-WDGAF Alliance: A Huge Mistake

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, May 27, 2015.

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  1. lol IMF the forum troll. Well I do know that your math skills are subpar at best. I never owned 300 tril of anything in kaw. Word of advice, you look dumb posting forums you and your leader mare. Stop being trolls and focus on osw.
  2. Bman, okay please tell me your first language isn't English. That would make me feel a little better for you. Secondly you actually caught me at a great time. I usually only have 9 pots. Do you realize how infinitesimal the smallest 2 spy pots are? You got through 2/5 steals. . A 40% success when my spies are low and you're running mith, congrats. I genuinely appreciate you actually throwing out incoming. At this rate res leaders may upgrade you from whipping boy to boot licker and actually check if you're stripped in the future. Keep up the work big guy, with your intimate knowledge of game mechs and ToU you'll be a factor within the decade. Much love. Shadow.
  3. = BANANA!

    And where does one find Starbucks for $2?
  4. Thread of the month. This is what people want to see in the forums.

  5. Toronto....
  6. Yea harbie, i guess your lb rank of ~12 and my knowledge of total ally value based on those above and below you have no merit - especially when we raised exactly enough to zap ya lol.

    If that makes us idiots it doesn't say much about you. See how what you say doesn't make sense...did you graduate from the Zaft School of Non-gifted Youngsters??
  7. You should ss me crying anywhere, you accuse us of breaking tou on last page. Hypocrite much? Inc bman 6/21 steal between two accounts. Maybe i should sell the last two pots to make you feel better?
  8. Lol... , just lol.
    I'm going to call it a night after this post as your becoming boring in your attempt to belittle me.
    If my grammar offends you, good because your crying to the devs when we call you on your BS aggravates most of Kaw.
    Go buy some more nice accounts for us, and pot up boy.
    I enjoy the assumptions and I most defiantly enjoy the ' did you take English in elementary '
    Grasp at more straws novice .
    Your a noob and don't call me your rank boot boy. I want my money back, you did a horrible job on my sides:-( The fronts are solid though .
    And Omar , you accusing me of accusing you of breaking tou?
    Aside from buying accounts, observe the LR vs bh thread till you find queens name, click the link. Also observe tatsugin wall, bottom half,
  9. This thread turned out well.
  10. Those tears were as succulent, plentiful, and fulfilling as I was anticipating. You didn't disappoint my "B" man. I knew I could count on you.
  11. Mixed metaphors... Hurt... Brain

    Fed a blanket?

    Starting to feel sorry... No food that they have to eat blankets?
  12. Another idiotic statement to display your ignorance. It was #14 troll. We both know that lots of trillions separate 12 from 14. You and your girlfriend/leader and ruler of apocalypse 'Mare' are obviously bred from the same stain cloth. You having no idea of how much you stripped shows how dumb you really are.
  13. DramaLarry. Tell me some more things I've done and why. Why end a stellar run of butthurt diversions with your storytelling?

    PS you still come off extremely butthurt, regardless of the crap you post.
  14. Good catch, should have worded that better. Turnabout is Fairplay.
  15. Harbie, here's a wild guess at how much we stripped...all of it
  16. Plus or minus 100tril and you still got smoked harb. Clearly you are in no way Butthurt about this, judging by your calm and pleasant demeanor.
  17. Definitely off topic at this point, but I'm content with what it has become.
  18. If anything I'm coming off as extremely entertained.. And I will have to say you have come a long way from the last time I farmed you, you are actually being allowed to post forums for more than a day
  19. You can  apoc butts as much as you like crazy but unfortunately my beef not with you so I will ignore you from hear on out . I'm just pointing out the obvious. IMF my math skills are good enough to know that we stripped way more than 300 tril since you and your band declared war on us.
  20. Wait CrappleGirl... What am I exactly butt hurt about? I'm intrigued
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