Apoc vs. ZAFT

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Senor_Butthurt, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. I actually considered looking through that thread but that thing is long and you're not really worth it. Your just some war runner riding Monkey and Twiccs coat tails
  2. Larr - jump off the delusional train for just a sec. You're in LR CA because you're a moron and Belle felt like putting you there.

    As much as you like to thump your chest and bounce around like a gorilla and say it's about me, it has absolutely nothing to do with me.

    The only thing you've been farming is your alt.
  3. Yea your CA really did a good job of keeping me off the pvp promo LB.. If it wasn't for Chaos Reborn and HiT all over me I would have been #1.. You are super tough
  4. Larry please look through this "thread" u speak of. I'll be glad to drop a seal in ur little eb clan if you find evidence there. Oh! Oh! And then I'll do as I promised and reset
  5. Larry. You farmed your alt the entire time. That's fierce. 

    And no one cares.

    We were busy all weekend stripping Invictus. You're going to have to accept you're not a priority. Let's just call it third string.
  6. Dude you're Monkey's little towel boy in his clan of alts. You have a 650 steal badge. You have not done anything other run from wars and reset
  7. Osf are for when your getting spammed coming out of crystal.. Ask people in Apoc if I was living in their feed or not..

    I'm obviously your priority if you have to cry to your clan about me and then pop up on an osw thread that doesn't involve you. Face it I own you..

    Now me and you can sit down, pop on some Melissa Etheridge, and work this out in our NF like a couple of gentlemen or you can go back and cry to belle about me again.. Either way I don't care because both will be fun
  8. You can say what you want about my strategy but when you are taking as much inc as I take and can still thrive, then you can be on my level CrappleGirl
  9. I feel sorry for you...like I said I am not who you or your cronies think I am, id ask for proof of what you supposedly got on me but I know you'll just make an excuse or try and change the subject. fudge. here goes. ss proof or bust. buddy ol pal
  10. Oh we got it all. Everyone knows who this bad ass cow guy is. We have all the ss of you
  11. Congrats on high land bc assbad cow slapper I've slapped a few cows before 
  12. And in other news today...a zaft founder retires followed by a 13T strip on zaft destiny.

    Let's see how daftie reps chubby and roni spin this one lol.
  13. IMF stop posting off topic LOL
  14. Lmao. Im IMF and cow. Damn. I told on myself 
  15. Dirty that was actually pretty funny 
  16. Larr - you're not doing anything other than sniffing too much glue. Your random failed asn's while I'm not on really hurt. . Not.

    We can go 1 v yawn forever. Now run along, it's time for your intervention. Based on your posts, it's clear you've lost all touch with reality.

    The only person whose game you're impacting is the little man in your head.

    Lemme know when you'll be doing something other than fail asn me twice a day. 1 v. Yawn
  17. Judging by all the complaints on my walls I'm doing more to you and your clan mates than just dropping two spy bars on you
  18. ill call your bluff... you aint got nothing otherwise youd show a bit od this supposed information you trying so desperately to have people like you so you make accusations and outright false claims against those who oppose you..
  19. I have no background history at all prior to this war but it appears dirtylarry should be renamed the puppet master,because you all seem to be dancing to his tune when he pulls at those strings.
    Or perhaps the troll_machine? 
  20.  all hail  the King of Max Plunder has spoken 