ANZAC 100th Anniversary 25/4/15

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  1. Always remembered, never forgotten. Long live the ANZAC spirit!
  2. To those men and women who gave their lives so we could enjoy the freedoms we do today, thank you.

    May you rest in peace forevermore

    Lest we forget 
  3. Always Support for those that made the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free. Least we forget. I shed a tear for these brave soles every 25-4
  4. 100 years on, never forgotten..

  5. What a pile of pony
  6. Would you like to rephrase that? Same goes for you diva.

    You'd both probably get all bent out of shape if we disrespected where you come from, now don't be doing it on a thread in which you know nothing about.
  7. Looks like a English saying to me. Not American, but commonwealth at least.

    Support. Nice thread OP.
  8. Be at peace n not forgotten
    The ultimate price for freedom
  9. Our brave soldiers and women who served our country proud and sacrificed their lives for ours are the real heroes. They didn't have capes or special powers but they had each other and died together with one thing in mind.
    They did it for our country and freedom.
  10. It's for Anzac Day. It may mean nothing to you , but it sure as hell means a lot to us for those amazing New Zealand an Australian soldiers that died protecting us in WW1 when the anzac spirit began, to those who continue to serve our countries. So that their sacrifices were not in vain we remember them.
  11. The ANZAC spirit is what makes New Zealand and Australia so different. People ignorantly speaking garbage proves this. We always have our rivalry and competition in what I like to think is the best nature, but its because we are so close. Brothers in my opinion.
    We have this way of life because of our diggers. They didn't do it for anyone else but ourselves. To maintain our way of life, and everyone of these men were prepared to lay down their lives to maintain it. Sadly many did.

    This Saturday I will celebrate the ANZAC spirit with a game of two up after a dawn service. I will never forget. Lest we forget.

    All my best wishes for past and present soldiers. What you all do is above and beyond anything I can even begin to understand. Bless u all.
  12. We will remember them

    Lest We Forget
  13. Never forgotten. Amen.
  14. Lest we forget 
  15. i would love to rephrase that, What a pile of pony!
  16. Guys In wc posting lest we forget , this may be a better place . No silences ok