Anyone want to War?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by OcToPuS, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Anyone my size with a clan want to clan war? 1v1?

    I kept it short not much to it

  2. That moment when you want Redstar to post forums
  3. That moment where you can't think of something else to say
  4. that moment someone says yes with 4-6mill sdt who you can't hit at all๎’๎’๎’
  5. That moment where you wanna accept his challenge but you have no Alts his size
  6. thats moment your against 30 sh and you dont get crap for plunder
  7. Lol nohaa don't act like you did much
    1 fail attack
    1 fail steal
    Finally! A success! A scout.
  8. Probably cause i was not using items.... Come on out of dtw and ill show ya some real fun
  9. Nohaa is much stronger it wouldnt be to hard for him
  10. Why are you farming string for asking for a clan war :?
  11. ^ last time I checked 3 hits from nohaa isent farming
  12. If you read nohaa's comment very carefully you can easily see that nohaa is on the verge of farming cheese....
  13. He asked for a 1v1....
  14. So i accidentally unloaded spy's on him