Anybody tech savvy? Halp

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  1. I need a crash course in tcp/ip for... homework purposes.

    What I have currently are what tcp/ip stands for...

    As well as the four layers of tcp/ip


    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Happy to help mate.......try using this new invention called internet....also they just got a new programme for it called google where apparently people can find out just about anything without having to make pointless threads in an already dying forum.
    Good luck
  3. Pretty much correct, except for the Internet part, from what is written it's a closed network.

    Which means network is basically the subnet mask and the IP address matching the place in which you are sending the data packets to. If issues do arise there is the tracert function to find where the packets are being lost
  4. Ignoring parsfan and their negative perspective...

    I have full right to make a thread even in this "dying forum".

    This is located in off-topic therefore breaks no rules.

    I am currently using KaW to procrastinate so I will combine my two tasks...

    KaW and studying into one for this moment, in hopes the knowledge I gain sticks instead of losing more sleep by pulling an all-nighter and potentially forgetting all that I've learned.

    'ppreciate it, all.

    Edit:And perhaps the viewer may also learn something about everyday 'items' they use (that's right you, EVERYONE that has an internet connection uses tcp/ip) or atleast I think they do o.o
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  7. Just a thing on the Transport part:
    The data is split into packets and those will get a header with info like dest/source IP address before being sent.

    I guess "port number " was a typo as the port number will be an id number on which a certain application will listen on a given IP address. It's a bit like a door number at a certain building address and permits to route application specific traffic towards its destination (application).

    Like typically your Internet (browser-html) traffic will be on a different port number than your ftp download traffic while being on the same computer (same IP address).

    This is of course extremely simplified...

    Back in my IBM days, I remember watching a Nokia YouTube video explaining IP traffic, try googling it.
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  9. Talk about the OSI layers?
  10. Yeh exactly go on google and search what you're looking for.
  11. Application = your moderator application
    Transport = transporting your gold to snoopy
    Network = what server the great apes have you on
    Hardware = what probably needs to be updated
  12. Their are 7 layers to the tcp/ip layer model not 4

    And now that I look at it again some of yours aren't event in it they are

    7 application layer
    6 presentation layer
    5 session layer
    4 transport layer
    3 network layer
    2 data layer
    1 physical layer
  13. ^Pretty sure those are osi layers, amigo.
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  16. Less essay and more basic information...
    Enough to impress someone, specifically.

    But anyways, all this information will be used today therefore...

  17. Lol using kaw forums to do ur homework, priceless. Make sure to cite ur sources ;)
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