Any Inactive Attack with weak spy that can be stolen?

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by ElestrialTheJust, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. is there any inactive player with 20 million attack and less then 900k spy? that I can try to steal from?

    Or List a inactive one between 15million attack and 20 million attack with less then 900k spy

    or post a 20 million attack with less then 1.4 to 1.5k spy or less spy defence the better.

    Thanks and happy kawing...

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  2. Battle list
  3. He won't find what he's looking for on battle list. Op either look through clans or through the ally lists for someone with the right stats and then unload on them
  4. That post electrical just make you higher up the battle list for pvp 
  5. L__angel__L

    Not sure how many underscores, 2-3.
    Ls or is on side

    Just found on ally list
  6. Idk i always find a few easy ones on BL then they get hit all event 
  7. It will say their too big for you
  8. Bl only lists active players
  9. Pretty sure you cant hit that high.

  10. what he said

    ...OP what for a main or something?
  11. Didn't you ask this in dilly question thread? So why make new one?

  12. I can't find that one, at least you have a decent response try, these other people didn't even try correctly to find an inactive ally off the battle list to attack with weak spies.
  13. Because no one wants to waste there time doing work for you. You can't even hit that big of a player. So lock the thread and move on.
  14. ElestrialTheJust is an easy farm target try hitting them
  15. You don't go to battle list, you go to ally list