Any Good Under rated anime ?

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  1. The only anime I have watched and loved was dragon Ball z
  2. I dont like dragon ball,simply for 1 reason

    Fight takes for 10 episodes, 1 kick 1 whole episode.
  3. yup NARUTO is a crappy anime ever made.

    Thats why it was first to end than all other long run animes :)

    Once u will see whole series u will come to know that.

    And 50% of anime is filler, and 20% of them are half filler.

    So if u want to watch whole naruto without filler it will be only 150-250 episodes..

    Bleach, onepiece way better than Naruto.
  4. u mean is this a zombie desu ka ?
  5. Baslisk
    Wolf's rain
    Soul eater

  6. Yeah I will agree with you on that but u still lived it lol,

    Does pokemon count as anime? Im not very clued up on it
  7. While I generally agree with this, the first line is incorrect. Whether or not they intend to continue bleach, it was cancelled years and years prior to naruto finishing.

    I can't speak on one piece as it's an anime I refuse to watch, simply for the reason of I can't be bothered to watch another multi hundred long anime, bleach is just as much filler as naruto. Bleach has, what, 13 seasons? And 6 of them are filler.

    Naruto is a lot of filler, but considering the length compared to bleach, it's technically less filler. At least, depending on what you consider filler. The entire kakashi and itachi arks, along with the first hokage ark, are both technically filler, but considering how much it adds to the story, I don't consider it as such.
  8. Future diary , school days, in search of our lost future, helsing, witch hunter robin, serial experiments Lain, wolf's rain, cowboy bebop, desert punk, gatekeepers 21, another, assassination classroom, flcl, durarara 1 -2 , elfin lied, etc ever need more recommendations hit me up lol
  9. Yu-Gi-Oh 
  10. Naruto

    Deal with it lol
  11. Never :)
    will sit and watch onepiece from #1 but NEVER EVER Naruto, lolstory line was good till sasuke went dark..

    How the hell sasuke became candidate for Hogake ?
    Is this a joke 
    Its like osama bin laden standing for Us president.

  12. Bleach manga finished later than Naruto,
    Naruto manga artist himself said "Its very hard to keep competing with onepiece"
  13. DbS,Days,Bleach,Fate Zero,Fairy Tail,Death Note
  14. Shigurui: death frenzy
  15. So have you not seen Berserk?

  16. Nope,

    Bcoz s1 had bad ending..
    When i watch conpleted animes, i see 1st episode and last 5 mins of last episode..
    If sad ending, i dont watch the serie, no matter how good it is..
    Learned the hard way after watching

    Deathnote, Clannad, Fate stay night, Blood + and many more.
    In fact hate all above series bcoz they are sad ending.
  17. Parasyte
    Blue Ecorcist
    Baku no Pico
  18. Just saw durara 1-2, waw okay..