any challengers for war ?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Forgiving_Warrior, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. Anyone want to give bg a fight in ee? Comment and let me know , need some close , tough wars again ... Any willing to try ?
  2. Pls do answer this elite warrior/ WC / Tk
  3. I will fight you
  4. I'll 1v1 you to the death
  5. I believe this is a formal challenge to a duel.
  6. I'm asking for an opponent to war against us that's all
  7. let them primals die already.
  8. Don't stack LB players and your chances of having a fun war may increase.
  9. 1v1 me bruh I'll rek u u lil nub.
  11. I believe this is a challenge acceptance
  12. We always have a fun war at BG. Give Primals a go and find out for yourself.
  13. well unless some other clan manages to cast 15 BC, of course you're gonna have great fun beating clans half your size
  14. Sums it up
  15. Don't make a 15 BC roster and maybe you'll have a real challenge and fun war. Lol
  16. I got a new idea ill do it
  18. 1v1 me bro fite me IRL
  19. Tried telling me to match her with 1bil+ Cs no thanks
  20. Why so serious?