Another Goodbye

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  2. Bye Sora, you've been a great warrer in this game, and i 100% agree with what you says. Which company is so money hungry that when they celebrate their anniversary, they still want more money?
    When celebrating ATA's anniversary, they should thank us for making this game so successful for them by giving everyone a seal for example, but instead, they sell seals in a discounted price.
    The only reason why this game is still played by people its because of rivarly. For example, new lands comes out, everyone have to rush to lcbc, after that, they buy expensive allies to be better than one another.
    But you see, people will gradually realized that there are many other games that they can spend their money with greater benefit and enjoyment, and the players will gradually decrease. Its showing, but i think the only reason why there appears to have many players is probably ATA's bots.
    If this is true, then dear ATA, i salute you, cause you will liven this so called rivalry among players and they will spend more.
    So my dear ATA, I DARE YOU TO GIVE ME A PROPER EXPLANATION WHY YOU'RE SO MONEY HUNGRY AND WHETHER YOU STILL CARE ABOUT OUR PLAYERS(Your Payers).(Please don't tell me you care about us if you are not taking any actions.)
  3. Good luck for you.I also quitted.
  4. I would say its sad to see another player go.

    But best wishes in real life regardless.
  5. *cough derailment, and unsupported not claims cough* anyways if we want a good game with development then ata needs money. Good reliable servers are not cheep. Professional computer coders for mobile applications are not cheep. People who crunch the numbers for why ___ pays ___ are not cheep. You get the point I hope. If ATA was an indi company with a few people sure I could understand where you care coming from. But they have almost 50 employees!
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  7. Yes some of them come back, Play 1 day or 2, But to be honest , we stop putting money unless they fix some clan game options, This game is Starting to get too much pay to Play... And its not attracting NEW folks, in The end only a few top LB Will be spending money using their alts has puppets, making believe The are real people... This game has lost Many good friends because of The way Life is.. Some are in heaven, others in a NEW Job, or just Starting a RL family that doesnt include 24/7 of Kaw.. So enjoy for whatever sick reason we are still Here...
  8. Was fun warring with you  take care noob
  9. Every multi player game ever eventually loses most of it player base if not all. That's the reality of it.

    Every player at some points need breaks, that's a reality. For whatever reason.

    Some come back some don't, for whatever reason.

    I mean awesome, he's leaving and instead of saying bye to people individually he made a thread for it. Then he decided instead of saying "well I'm bored with the game now" he blamed it on devs for not catering to what he wanted and on top of that he gave the ultimatum that he might return if he is catered to.

    Now imagine if EVERYONE did this EVERY time they took a break. Forums would be one big pouting fest with even less comedy than they have now.

    So we collectively apologize for taking his "woe is me, I didn't get what I wanted" good bye and joked about it. :)
  10. Farewell, good luck in rl :)
  11. Gl bruv, - eagle/hawk
  12. I know you're gone but I need to post brother. I gotta say you are an awesome warrior, was honored to war with you during s3, wish those days were still here.

    Want to thank you on your efforts to try to get fixes in the eyes of the ATA development team, I know like me you live for war and can't blame you for leaving.

    Do hope to see you around one day, if I'm around at that time honestly. Best of life bro thank you for being a major part of kaw in the Warriors eyes.