An unload option

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by fry166, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. The illusion that hitting a button 25 times is more "skillful" than hitting a button once. I could get one of those toy woodpecker things to play for me.
  2. Pull out before you unload's messier and doesn't feel as good but it makes it just a little easier 
  3. wouldn't that be considered botting? ...tsk tsk tsk TOU violation
  4. Yeah I guess it would count as an autoclicker :lol:
  5. How else do you propose we attack/assas/scout/steal? Through telekineses? No one claimed it was skillful. But it doesn't need to be replaced with an unload all button.
  6. No support. It will cause problem instead. What if u attack but suddenly item phase came. What is ur reward?
  7. no support, i don't want it that easy lol
  8. Support and what if you just do an 'unload all' on an war? Doesn't it make both of you KO'ed?
  9. Lol support
  10. Support

  11. More like an autopecker
  12. No. No support.
  13. Nope. Stop being stupid. Just will suck more people into ebs
  14. It takes what.. 30 seconds to unload? Maybe they should take out the repeat action button instead 
  15. When I was a noob, I suggested this exact idea not knowing that it had been suggested 100 times before. Now that I have played the game, I see that an unload button would ruin the game.
  16. I have previously opposed this, but I now support it because tapping 20 times in a row is really dumb
  17. We have to think about our fingers people.
  18. BRUH how else are my fingers gonna get RIPPED??!?!1!?

  19. Practicing to button up your shirt
  20. Support