An apology to the zodiac family.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by AshtonRocks, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Omar, your having a beer right?
  2. Best thread ever 

    #Jeremy Kyle
  3. Back to what Omar said bout them wanting fame. That's all this is. Coulda just kicked him. No need for this garbage in forums 
  4. No one in forums actually read the middle pages only op first page and last page 
  5. I've seen some bad threads.
    But must say , this one takes the cake .
    Great job guys 
  6. Haha i dont like half the crap people say in wc , forums , cc . But im not their daddy or mommy. Lame excuse to farm someone. Dont try to control someones rl through game farm. Cheat away bud. Not saying its right but its your life. Id cheat more and be even more of a dog if i got farmed for crap like that.
  7. agreed
  8. Too many pages to read them all, can someone post the numbers of the interesting ones
  9. Wow...

    why the hell would you demand a thread for something like this?

    yall solution to him bringing inappropriate rl discussion to your cc was to have him bring it to forums?

  10. This lol

    Also ZE don't say you're standing up for what you believe in and then when people confront you about it hide behind excuses.

    The only reason everyone is jumping on you now is because you're on the defensive. If you're going to stand up for what you "believe in" actually stand up.

    then again I don't care, but this thread is funny so keep it up 
  11. The issue is they love to bring RL into the game, all "good" Clan owners know that if someone is being disrespectful you kick, if it's about rl u pm them and ask them to keep rl to pm. But again i clarify "Good" Clan owner was the key point. This isnt the first time ZE has brought rl into the game and onto a public location and last i remembered that didn't end well either. OP not saying what you did or didn't do was right but what you do in ur rl is ur choice.

    ZE a word of advice,not like u would take it anyways, But learn to keep ur nose out of other ppls rl issue and learn to keep things on pm and not on public channels.
  12. Support 100%

  13. Top tip keep your personal crap off of kaw no one really cares anyway
  14. What made you guys at ZE think forums gave a damn that he cheated on his girlfriend?

    It just makes you guys look a touch nosey and a bit like you need to let people deal with their own issues. If you disagree with what he was saying, chuck him a pm or wall message and explain it to him. You really think he's going to stop cheating on his girlfriend because some people on an iPhone game bullied him into writing a half assed apology?

    Not to try and tell you how to run your clan, but the proper way to handle this would be to privately explain why people are upset and deal with it that way.

    I don't really care that some random guy on the Internet might have cheated on his girlfriend. I'm guessing Forums doesn't care either. The only people that care are you guys, and that's saying more about your personal business than his.
  15. Wow! Time flies. I read all 14 pages. Was a fun read. Thanks OP and ZE for all the entertainment. I guess I'm a closet Maury fan.

    Now send the OP to boot camp
  16. WOW!! What a read!! I will be recommending this one to my friends, any idea when the next installment will be released?? I can see it now 'ZE police battle the infidelities of KAW with sweet forum justice' lol u guys need to concern yourself with ure own RL issues cause i bet ure no saints :) btw OP retract the CF request
  17. Apology accepted, this thread is no
    Longer needed.
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