America and lethal injection. Disciss

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  2. and you were not before?
  3. A little bit... But not a lot. I generally just stayed out of their way! :)
  4. Guillotine was not without it's fault improper maintenance meant multiple chops were needed for one person occasionally. Also some people claim the brain functions up to ten seconds after the decapitation. 0.0 kind of inhumane.
  5. Honestly if I had to pick a way to be executed, I'd go with a firing squad. A bit poetic - at least much more poetic than lethal injection
  6. Not true I'm sure poems could be written on the other options as well
  7. Damn good poems have been written on discolored eggs and ham. I wasn't disputing that someone could write a poem on lethal injection lol. Simply saying what I'd prefer
  8. Is this a mod thread?!? Lol. The lethal injection machine is set to take human error out of the equation. And it also removes the opportunity for the family to sue a person or doctor if the prisoner "appears to suffer". The machine administers a series of drugs that are shown to remove the pain and make the death as seamless and humane as possible. Much better than what most and many of their victims received.

    Personally I prefer the idea of the guillotine. But slower than the French way. Say, an inch an hour.
  9. I prefer to be drowned in chocolate
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  11. Death by diabetes. Not a good idea.
  12. I drink gas
  13. We drink gas together in monster interstate
  14. Diesel is half the calories with all the same great taste
  15. True! I like unleaded because that premium stuff is just a scam!
  16. Support
  17.  this is actually a good idea ..I never watched the movies though, because they look stupid as hell
  18. Lethal injection is suppose to be a humane and painless way to carry out a state sanctioned murder. We can't knock out the condemned because we're Americans and secretly we're all a little sadistic when it comes to punishing murderes.

    Do I support the death penalty? Absolutly! But leathel injection is too easy. Electric chair or firing squad. Let um feel terror and a pain before they check out.
  19. so, guy tortures and kills 33 children ages 5-14 .. When I say tortured, I mean: burned with hot iron and beaten and molested for weeks before killing. He should:

    A: be executed.
    B: live the rest of his life with free housing, medical, and food .... on your dollar?
  20. 1 the free housing sucks (don't drop your soap)
    2 the food sucks (best reataraunt is the Canadian honker, and you won't find that in prison
    3 medical procedures are sub standard. Wait time is long and care is poor

    Am I fine with the above conditions? Sure. Prison isn't a vacation