Alverdine Aflame

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  1. How about white Caster? Difficult to read on iPhone also...thanks!
  2. Y'know what, after considering it further, the plot arc here works brilliantly. I know you cant get in depth or nobody would read it(which is imo unfortunate). So actually, using continuity from the Koti jungle in the past event and then also introducing horrifying monster harpies that are also pirates...its alot of information jammed in very succinctly. Not to mention the story that is told throughthe EB itself.
  3. Yeah I was about to say the same. I'm really down with the story being told like one long expedition or quest with each section being its own legend
  4. I also appreciate the direction. This Alverdine town being south of Koti Jungle. Gives it an actual world experience- like you could start to build a map of where these places might be.
  5. Purple
  6. How you guys can ignore your costumers wish? Have we asked too much things from you guys? And do not pretend like you don't know anything, #BringBackWarequipe at least for event war lb
  7. Can you please explain why I need a bronze globe to upgrade my bronze globe?
  8. It’s pay to get the best equip now, warring is free hence you won’t get the same equipment lb does. Just gotta accept it
  9. I have opened at least 20 chests, only 3 or 4 being the 1k gold ones, so 16 of them I had to pay nobility on, and no items for new eb. I reiterate my comment about the drop rate being low and the devs screwing their player base. Sorry, but I should have gotten at least one by now. I haven’t. This is utter ridiculousness. Why should we pay for premium chests when the drop rate for new eb item is less than what it should be? Paying for this game is getting to be too much. I hope you all learn when your player buy rate drops like the chest rate drops.
  10. Can someone please tell me why I need a Bronze Globe to upgrade my Bronze Globe.
  11. I’m loving this new event. It’s so much fun exploring and following the story and stuff
  12. You can use any item in that place dismantle and use the materials to upgrade it doesn't have to be a globe
  13. Obviously you don't have a bronze globe yet. Or it might just be an Android glitch.
  14. Cheers for the colour change haha, completely forgot I had posted in here!
  15. You can't be serious can you?
    Blink twice if you got a gun to your head
  16. Can anyone tell me what the pillaged loot drop is for? The item im getting from EBs?
  17. They combine with pirate sabers (which drop from other ebs) to form medallions. Collect enough medallions to get rewards from the legend
  18. Have a tithe, hmu ;)
  19. I dont get tithe, and the eb is to short for spending money. Fail