Alts and their uses within KaW

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  1. Alts and their use - a topic for discussion

    Alts - or alternative characters - are a long established part of the world of KaW - as long as they are within the ToU - and for the purposes of this discussion I will address my comments and thoughts towards those accepted and correctly created alts - everyone can have one or two to enhance their game and strengthen their main character. And yes - we all accept that mains hide behind alts - and that's not a problem either - normally.

    Some though are undoubtedly created for ulterior motives - and sometimes that's fine as well - a player may well want to find out what other clans are up to without exposing their main character to attack or draw attention to themselves - To go and support their main character and their clan in times of war - and we're not talking the rule bound system wars here - but good 'Old School' off system wars - and there's a few of those around.

    However - and yes Moose, I know you will point out that the only rules are the ToU and that in the wider world of KaW - it's what we make of the game - however, occasionally a player has been own to create an alt or alts - or to influence other characters - simply to create mayhem, spread disaffection and mis-truths about kingdoms, clans or wars and to generally be an 'offensive loud mouth' - or a bully.

    Often these sad cases are hiding behind an outward face of respectability, of authority - often regarded in high esteem for their knowledge of the game - their helpful outlook and moderate actions - maybe this is acceptable to some - and maybe it isn't.

    A case in point is ___Zena___ a character within the game that it is said has caused conflict between players, sown dissension in clans and sought - for whatever reasons - to damage the reputations of kingdoms and clans. I know that ___Zena___ has a main - I know that she has other alts - and that her actions don't sit well with many.

    So ___Zena___ why don't you take the time to respond - take the time off from your busy life in KaW - take time off from whatever responsibilities life may have thrust upon you - and tell us all why you're such an apparently bitter, twisted and disreputable player. Maybe Supernova could help out here - maybe?
  2. I don't see the point in this thread :D
  3. You already made a thread about this
  4. If I find it, I'll bump it and lock this thread
  5. Noob killing alt 
  6. I use my alt... To farm people with less than 100k cs lol
  7. ohhh such subtle (and not so subtle) innuendo here...I am intrigued :)
  8. My alt buys useless allies from me. Sometimes i hassle the alt a little.
    I had 2 alts long ago but killed one of them for obsessiveness when it came to vollying gold to it. Now thats greedy.
  9. Hmm. Obviously OP doesn't get that we don't give a **** about this zena **** lmao
  10. I got mix feeling about your opening post. At first, I thought it was an open discussion on how each player use their alt. then, reading more, it looks like fluffy bla bla. Finally, toward the end the purpose of your thread is fishing to figure out who is the main of _zena_. Conclusion, you derailed your own thread in the opening post. 
  11. Why-so-many-dashes-?
  12. You might not care about ___zena___ my friend - but there are some of us in KaW who do - and we will find her main - and her alts - and then we will deal with her.

    I appreciate that not many have bothered to add to my post - and I'm not surprised - there will be those who know more who are afraid to 'go public' and I can understand that - when hunting wild animals you need to watch out that they don't turn round and bite you don't you - the same principle applies here - when hunting a powerful, influential, outwardly respected player - one expects to attract attention.

    So - if you do want to add to my ever growing collection of information, rumours and suggestions - come find me - pm me and talk - ill listen.
  13. That's my alt...
  14. Ok well, it's not my alt since I believe alts are for sissies.

    However I find the thought of you threatening any player with action rather laughable
  15. I found I can't afford an alt...
  16. So far - the hunt continues - ___Zena___ and Spernova have not awoken from their coma like state - one would almost think they and their main were dead - but maybe the main is too busy to worry about minor farming on her teeny tint alts - if so - beware - a sting from a tiny insect can get infected, spread and then poison the body - leading to a fatal situation.

    Two have been named - more will emerge from their hiding places in ten spaces between this world and the next - flushed out into daylight from the twilight world they inhabit - forced into this plane of existence to face the daylight - I will find you - I will shame you - I will lay you to rest..

  17. You - use - hyphens - a - lot-.
  18. Wow this sounds like a fantasy novel.... Keep it up! Who and where is this elusive ___ZENA___