Ally Chat->Admin Chat

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  1. Not long until then
  2. If anything they should replace world chat. It's just filled with ads and rubbish anyways. People actually use AC for its intended function.
  3. #AdChat2k16
  4. World chat is for everyone to talk at once which they do. Without world chat finding specific ebs would be harder. And yes ads do cram WC I agree with you there. But ads are still a good way to recruit.

  5. Worst suggestion from a moderator ever.
  6. Ally chat serves its purpose when you own over 100 active allies and want to update them quickly. You may argue how many people have this many allies as well they may argue how many people are admins - maybe a toggle button to choose the prefered option.

    As far as wc I would love a toggle button to turn it off especially during war or create a seperate ad area.
  7. I think a toggle to turn it off would not be implemented.
  8. Ally Chat has its place in a time when there isn't any PM in KaW, which provide you a way to talk to your ally with relative privacy, when other channels (CC, WC, Walls) are opened for much bigger audience.

    It had long since been obsoleted by PM in my opinion.

    Support OP on replacing this with Admin chat.
  10. Fact you thought I was being serious in the removal of a core social part of the game just about says it all really. No need to get snarky.

    Ally chat has not been replaced by pm. Some of you seem to forget that conversations are not just between two people. Ive had conversations with 5 plus allies at once, I can't do that in pm.

    Ally chat is not at all useless, it's great when wanting to speak to several people at a time (If you had tons of allies) Of course it can be confusing but every time you say something in ac you could easily just say their name so they know wether you're talking to them or another ally/owner.
  12. Stop upsetting mango everyone!

  13. Pssst can't spot when getting trolled.

    And exactly why kaw could and should add a group chat feature.
    In addition to ally chat.
    That would be far more useful than having to hire people you want to talk to at once. Or going to pal / line etc.
    Eliminate the need for the competition

    You don't have to go with the original idea of replace ally chat. You can expand on the idea and suggest adding a new feature that would expand kaws appeal.
  14. I thought we were supposed to call pal and Line 'that third party app' :(
  15. What would you need to tell them all at once? Unlikely they would all be there at one time because ally chat is not a place people regularly check for messages.
  16. Gawd stop assuming people don't check ac.

    Just cuz you only have 1 ally and may not need to check ac doesn't mean others don't.

    Cuz liek if you were liek redstar before liek he quit. You culd liek recruit peopl liek not haveing to liek go in WC to liek yeah liek
  17. Bruv I used to like trade alliiez innit bruv and not a zingle one said a word, and most of my owners never talk innit bruv
  18. I had redstar as my owner for a few days and he said nothing lol
  19. I talk with my owner tho 