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  1. This thread is dead as an alliance list, but it's not ever going to be a dead thread
  2. complete history of KaW Alliances will go on here.
  3. Crim, the other one doesn't have history. If you'd like, I'll just take the list from the other alliance list. Then this can still be here with the history, with the other thread still in coexistence.
  4. The thing is. I don't know how well his list will do now either.
  5. We'll see. I'll make sure this one is always alive. So will some others.
  6. If this die and they crash what will happen to us????
  7. Clans would go into all out war with all of the economy crashing and everyone would be owned by the same person. Apocalypse of KaW Calns.

    Haha. Jk
  8. Instead of the end of the world predicted by the maya it: the end of Kaw by da_bomb
  9. Da Bump for supporters of KaW history
  10. -Crim- nooooooo!!!!
  11. Bump for the history.
  12. Knights of Darkness are recruiting
  13. Bump for everyone who likes this one better, even though their clan might get mentioned in the first post of the other one.
  14. This thread stay alive ! 
    Support :p
  16. This thread is actually the official one. And it's not dead. It's running. Adhemar was "inspired" by this thread. Though his is not nearly as good. In my opinion at least.  :)
  17. Bump cause I do like this one better
  18. Well there wont be any lists on this one 