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  1. And this is only the first 38 pages of this thread...
  2. International Bank of KaW may soon be an alliance, I'll confirm when it is
  3. i remember alot of those clans...sigh...
  4. New Clan:
    The Jannissaries
  5. New Clan:
    International Bank of KaW
  6. Stora
  7. New Clan: The Legian
  8. After much debating and decisionmaking with the Alliance Thread Crew, we have come to the decision to give up on our efforts here. As you know, there is another list. We apparently can't compete with it, even though I can't see a significant difference. Our resources were faster and better, and from what I can tell, our clan info was taken from us and just posted in a different thread. All of the other threads updates coincided with our information gatherers postings.

    We decided we were fighting a losing battle. Our info is taken and KaW players do not support us. With these known facts we take our leave. And the clan history of KaW goes with is...

    I pronounce this thread dead with the already given permission of Storallelite. However, I'm not the one that killed this thread, the incompetant players of KaW have.

    Good luck with the other list, other list maker guy. Hopefully yours won't meet the same fate and we lose this generations clan info as well.
  10. Sorry. That's not happening. I'm gonna keep it updated then. Somehow lol. I don't care if everyone gets mad. I'm keeping it alive. Who's with me? 
  11. Just let it die. We lost our battle
  12. Uh, no. I'm not gonna let that happen. There can be two. One that is an original that has and had a unique idea and one that took an idea and put some glitter on it. :)
  13. I'm with you klzeek!
  14. I would gladly help but im too busy
  15. What if stora comes and says it's dead?
  16. I'll keep it alive?
  17. Ill make a memorial house to bury this thread
  18. I'll still work to keep it alive. This is the history of KaW, keep it alive for the future of the game.
  19. Klzeek, it's not that we couldn't keep up with the list. It's just that our info was being taken directly from our thread and put on a "better" list.

    As you can see, we've lost our supporters. It was just me posting a list cause I promised stora I wouldn't let it die and people helping cause I asked them, or they actually cared.