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  1. German Foxes should be placed with foxes no?
  2. We have emerald monkeys already.
    Lol, yeah. IG is definitely a new clan
    the current list is on p.217
  3. Silenc3r, last time I talked to them they wanted to be independant from the english foxes.
  4. You all forgot the nee German Clan -->  German Warfare 

  5. Zaft has a new clan, but the name is so long that I can't see all of it, or even guess the rest
  6. New clan
    true warriors
  7. New clan
    Zaft - assassin and mercenary guild
  8. Ha, nvm. Got it already
  9. Thanks crim
    new clan
    the storm
  10. New clan ancient warfare
  11. New Subclan

    CW Blaxkboard (for Crazy White Boys)
  12. 
    will be created next week
  13. New clan
    army of the dawn
  14. New clan
    superfakeclanthatihopecrimpwillbelievemecauseithinkitwouldbefunny warriors
  15. New Clan
    adm tigers of kaw
  16. FSU Assassins is the sublan of FSU.
    Army of Light is the subclan of Army of Darkness.

    And I LOVE this thread! Keep it up!!!

    Btw there are too many clans
  17. New clan
    serpents' guild
  18. ADM Tigers are DEAD