All Star Week!

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  1. As we lead into the Summer 2015 All Star Wars we're starting the next week off with Individual - Round wars to give those participating a chance to ramp up and hone their skills and to give those not participating a taste of the fun.

    Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday wars will be 1 Hour wars of the Individual - Round variety. These will take place at 8am, 1pm, 7pm, and 11pm daily. Roster sizes have been increased to 25 players.

    In addition, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday's wars will have the following bonuses:
    - Seal of the Damned given to one random player on each winning team
    - Guaranteed Health Crystal refund for players on each winning team
    - Doubled chances of Health Crystal Refund for players on each losing team

    Thursday will have no wars, but instead allow for those participating in the Summer 2015 All Star Wars to opt-in.

    Friday through Sunday will consist of the...
  2. Sounds good
  3. 3time undefeated champion, here I come.
  4. Will we be able to cast colors to show support like Grey Hawks and such like last year?
  5. Guess who is taking Friday off from work?
  6. What is needed to sign up? Do I have to be a certain rank on overall lb or what?
  7. Nvm lol seen the other thread
  8. 0 fer 1 here n still unfeated
  9. Yay! Team Grey Hawks!
  10. So seal prices not cut?
  11. These wars seem fun. Ill b doing as many as i can. Asw looks bad lol
  12. Can I participate if I am only on lb for allies?
  13. Can there be a promo for the people who did to help encourage us to grow? Oh, no? Well they do nothing for us mids :(
  14. Indi round wars?...guess i wont be warring this week And 25 noob/mole rosters on top of that? Heck no. If this is what you plan for season 5 im out. Round is by far the most hated war format closely followed by primal....if you think making those two exploit wars into indi wars and calling that a season no thank you. Not spending 1xtal on that garbage.
  15. Is this PST?
  16. Im too small..grr..Opportunity lost
  17. I'm definitaly going to try to participate but it will be my evening ones. I think it's nice to be able to win your xtall back. ^_^