All Star Wars 2018 News ***UPDATED***

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  1. If you have lots of gold, go for ally lb. Ally lb put me in top 10k wayyyy quicker than stats did (referenced at the time by comparing my overall to similar cs clannies, and also by watching my rankings after selling a bunch of allies).

    Top 10k ally alone doesn't make top 10k overall, but it's not too difficult to get into the mid thousands ranking and that helps overall a fair bit.
  2. Hello I am ranked 3143 ally lb I am here to be an all Star k thnx bai
  3. Anyone know what times the wars will be yet?
  4. I want to be able to asw but I’m not too 10k what can I do ?
  5. Get to top 10k. Only way to be able to cast for asw.
  6. So many of us in the same boat..
  7. And ATA will sink the boat ^
  8. Devs on topic of wars. Will you please remove LL wars. Very little participation. Can you make that war slot into indi wars random edition. This way we can war with different strategy and change dynamic on how we war. May not make much different but will increase participation over LL war. Thank you
  9. Try hitting more eb to increase your battle achievement to reach top 10k. Try hiring inactive allies with high stats. Pay each million stat 120 billion. This I think will help you increase quicker to top 10k. I think you can also increase by getting your hire value way OP. I give this advice to a friend a while back and he made it to top 10k in a week.
  10. At least remove 1 LLwar & add in a Warpalooza with 50 vs 50 on the weekend.
  11. Please please please please!!!!
  12. Trade of that banner or throne is possible?
  13. Well I wouldn't be surprised but all ee regularly PEPs should be auto into ASW ata take into account big or small
  14. I hope we have admin role so we can uns the clan announcement not like in indi wars
  15. No
  16. should just go all way on lb rank until 200 per team is maxed. usually ends up with just over 100 per team. go to lb 20k if need be to fill it
  17. Leaderboard 20k please.
  18. Why not take charms out of asw all together so every body has an equal chance