alison. kingdoms at war veteran and truth sayer

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  1. So, shes a guy..
    Are you straight? Call me

  2. No surprises there. Along with your big mouth and empty threats, you are faker than a politician.
  3. The battle list is for noobs.
  4. You will be missed. Was always good for a ac convo.
    Even tho having both you and eclipso correcting my horrible English at the same time in ac could be slightly confusing, it always gave me a good chuckle.
    Haters gonna goanna hate.
    Good luck in RL.
  5. No way. Never would have guessed.

    /end sarcasm
  6. Only ever had 1 convo with you Alison,you where polite and respectful.Personally I wish you all the best and hope you live the rest of your life fully.

  8. Regardless of your gender I've enjoyed your posts over the years so thanks! If you do leave then sad to see you go 
  9. Later noob ✌️

    Your non troll threads were nice. Your life long/can't stop won't stop hitting you posts made me laugh.

    Go train they Gerty. Maybe get some action mmmmmmmmkay?
  10. Best sledge i've seen in a long time. Poor beer
  11. Well I lived in a world where "mature" "adult" "men" would know better than to name their account "selfie", Especially on a tap tap game

    That world died with my hopes and dreams for humanity
  12. Man or woman, you gave me the most fun weeks and months of constant back and forth farming anyone hasn't ever been able to give me in this game, so far.

    I've never lasted with someone in a PvP as long, and for that I'm grateful. You kept me from quitting many times, and actually helped me enjoy the game the way I like to play it.

    If this is you truly leaving, I wish you the best in RL, and I hope I can retire someday as well, been working on that for a while now.

  13. Now all we have to do is wait for roni's comin out story
  14. She got banned, no?
  15. Alison reminds me of archer (the TV show character) idk exactly how to put it but there is a commonality between the two.

    Anyways farewell from kaw, I remember you from the early days and in my first weeks of playing I remember being farmed by Alison. I also remember being really butt toasty about it but it's all part of the game
  16. Hello,

    My name is Anita.....

    And I'm a guy too (gasp).
  17. All females in kaw are really men? That causes me a huge issue, since I married one irl :O
  18. Now you understand why "she" didn't let you to bang her yet.