Alchemist or Mage change EQUIPMENT/AQUA/INFERNO/MITH

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  2. Further to last post if devs want to keep charging for it mith is balanced with paladin eb in war and reward for winning war.
    Cost should be more inline with mith for purchase which would equate to being two crystals per aqua not 5 but then like the mith equipment it should not fail on any enchant using aqua. Can't have kaw biased towards a certain customer base and exclude everyone else.personally I am aiming for red but not all will or can.
  3. For me 5 mith costs about 3.5bill while 3 inferno would cost 22.5bill. The numbers just don't work out. It's true that squad costs way too much but it is meant to be a rare drop

    No support
  4. I see many flaws but the one that sticks out the most is 5 mithiril = 1 Aqua. With war season around the corner, 5 mithiril is pocket change to sone people. Lets take values let's say 5 mith costs 700m each = 3.5b for 1 aqua as 7.5b for 1 inferno? No support.
  5. Total support from Wake
  6. I dont like the idea of changing trade between aqua/inferno/mith.
    Totally support for the equipment exchange idea.I have total 41 equipments and 12 slots.either give us more slots or maybe some way to sell it back.
    Its pretty fair like allies/buildings/pots.
    You can sell allies/pots/buildings.
    Why not sell equipment?
  7. Support! Send email to devs
  8. thanks for all the Support guys...
  9. I love the idea but.... NO SUPPORT.
    I'm sure if devs implement this way of exchange between acqua/inferno/mithril they with tweak at same time the fail/reset rate of enchant. Which are already horrible...
    Thanks, but NO.
  10. Aqua and Inferno
  11. Support