Aetherflood Event - Tomhasir's Choices

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  1. Or is that too deep?
  2. I support this devs! It reinforces players to be active, also stops so many Alts. Terrible job on the event. I'm happy your trying to change kaw. Get your stuff straight first though.
    Keep it up
  3. Required inferno collection?? But I need aqua and have ass loads of inferno... No support.
  4. Great job punishing those of us who arent trying to abuse and mass profit off it.
  5. Will element tokens be converted to elements post-event? The former elements events tended to reward more aqua/inferno than this one seems to give, so I have been wondering.
  6. Why didn't you create a pop up message to inform everyone of this? A good amount of players don't bother reading forums because it's dead.
  8. Yeah but the little guys can’t catch up. So it’s not fair. Gotta love exploitation
  9. Struggling to hit 2500 tokens :(
  10. This is true
  11. Gud job... See the clan called Panda Cafe.... 70 alts from 1 persun farming chests... Dats y ATA did dis. Manny pplyrs doin it
  12. Great. This Forum had no usefull information for at least 3 years (maybe longer) and i hardly look at it at all. How many really knew about this????? I thought the card guy only appeared three times so all could collect 2 sets.

    Many useless information is shown as a popup, 90% of those I did never care about. Why not give this information that way? That would have been the first popup ever worth reading.
  13. Y'all really screwed this up ATA.
  14. I see so many complaints. If just 2k is a problem from the event lb point of view. Then work harder. You get free bars, xtals ECT. Thanks devs I have wanted an elements eb for ages.
  15. Support