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    Np :) Looking good.

    Just found a couple more. Level 1 and 2 War Aviary, Lookout Tower Level 2, Lookout Fortress Level 2, stats are incorrect.
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    Bump! I'm trying to download but mediafire is blocked 
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    There seems to be a number of errors in the constants. Please check out my spreadsheet for the constants and basic equations. I carried it forward after President started it. It isn't nearly as snazzy (fairly ugly in fact) but it is fully "open", and a number of people have reviewed it for correctness.

    I really like the look of your spreadsheet and would like to see it fully tested. Especially if it is going to become an app. Good luck with that too!

    Wulf updated the calculator, and fixed an error here:
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    stone you need to be more precise on what errors you see so i can fixx them!
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    Why? Just test against the previous spreadsheet. It's all there except for the ally bonus and fight from pin calculations. I am referring to Version 4 of the spreadsheet by Wulf (see link below) which updated and made corrections to my Version 3 (see link below that).

    Wulf's KaW Build Calculator in his excellent Buildings & Land Guide:

    Tier 4 KaW Build Calculator V2.2 by StoneFord
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    ok checked and rechecked all stats and fixed ones that were wrong

    before i put fixed build up i want to correct the fight from pin stats

    OK fight from pin Equation should look like this
    correct me if wrong:

    attack :
    take total attack stats from troop buildings add the permenant item , bonus, multiply by 20%
    then add allies attack bonus for total

    take total defence stats from troop buildings add permenant item, defence bonus multiply by 20%
    then add stats from tower defence multiplied by defence bonus
    then add allies defence bonus for total

    spy attack:
    take total spy attack stats from spy buildings add the permenant item , spy attack bonus, multiply by 20%
    then add allies spy attack bonus for total

    Spy defence:
    take total spy defence stats from troop buildings add permenant item, spy defence bonus multiply by 20%
    then add stats from spy tower defence multiplied by defence bonus
    then add allies spy defence bonus for total

    can you check this!
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    Cheers for this! handy tool!
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    Awsome calcuator
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    Coulda just borrowed mine, lol.
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    Sholron, you posted on my thread as well. I couldn't find your spreadsheet. Can you post a link? Was yours the one with the strength as a function of percentage troops, and also "ally value" as well? That was cool, whether that was yours or not.

    If this guy is going to make an app, I'd like to see the best of breed as inputs.
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    check my eqation above

    posting new update now
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    Hey, the link still leads to 3.2?
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    can you make it on a dif website? mediafire blocked :/ says not allowed p2p file sharing
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    Ok provided 3 links now !

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    Could I request a .xls version instead? I cant open .xlsm because my excel is an old version. Thanks ^^
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    xlsm runs macro's thats what makes the buttons work but i can post one without the buttons sure will do later today!!
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    I can not adapt this Calculator to XLS format for older versions of excel due to the complexity of some of my formulas

    For the time being please refer to Stonefords calculator if you have older versions of Excel.
  19. Check up the latest version in this separate thread Kaw Build Calculator Version 4.5.
    I would definitely use an app if it ever existed. I created this version to be editable in iOS excel apps, so you can use it on your phone.
  20. ...a bump?!?..