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  1. What is with the severe lack of drops for nml... A few clans will concur there hasn't been any item drops for it.
  2. Umm.........your luck sucks.
    The clan i was in yesterday had drops.
    Admins and mods cant do anything, same with us forumers.
  3. The chance of it dropping is REALLY small
  4. NML sux @ss try TT better arm plate drops there
  5. I don't know...from all the item ebs I have done lately, I would have to say I concur. It doesn't matter what clan I'm in and what item eb is completed, the drops have seriously dwindled.

    Perhaps it's because most of the clans members already have said eb equipment so it obviously didn't drop them, I don't know as I didn't look at the whole rosters equipment.

    But, if everyone already had the equipment, I doubt they would have been running that particular epic battle.

    Meh, I don't know. Maybe it's just coincidental, but since the release of EE I have seen more and more complaints regarding this issue.
  6. from destroyer no body armour is not dropping. it's rarely droping
  7. NML drops to those that hit hard and often it is totally random drop. I have had players get drop with 1 hit and others get it with 12 hits.. some it takes months. best chance at it is to never get defeated and hit as hard as possible and often as possible. Good luck
  8.  I recently got the Leonine Arm Plates... 2 days ago
  9. In our clan we have had an epidemic of plate drop going to the newer people that haven't even been in on the whole eb with or without mistakes so there went the rational thinking that I knew like not making mistakes hitting hard and hitting all items stages... BLAH I say.. wants my plates!
  10. Drgn if what you're saying is true then maybe the devs have secretly dropped the chances of equipment drop for clans that can do EE.

    Since thats everyone now then everyone will have a lower drop chance

    => the devs are trying to encourage as many users as possible to do EE so they can have the best results and feedback possible. However thats left the war-a-phobes without their precious equipment that makes EB fairies slightly harder to attack :p
  11. I got legs on 2 eb after reset
  12. just got my took 6 798 hits.
  13. Strange: I've always gotten my drops rather quickly
  14. actually someone may have found this thread relevent, whether forumers can do anything or not:)
  15. Get a few levels of EE then have your clan try it again.
  16. i think mods put down dropping rate of equipment. Because they want us to war and get ESTOC edge spell for drops. It says that estoc edge increases dropping rate by 25% and that is only level 1. It goes higher after. Which means if they had old percentage of droping rate on someone with estoc edge would have gotten equipment too easily.
  17. the mods cant do anything about the drops. Stop blaming them.
  18. Lot of ppl have it already= less drops, when members alreay have armplates, nd only a few dont it takes longer because the drop is random and you cannot get two of the same thing! :)
  19. Noticed same, nml for arn plate it took a total of 12 nml before drop! I stopped checking and finaly got it. You know what they say, "a watched pot never boils" lame idiom but the drop was after hitting in every stage of eb. Not sure if that increases over all likelyhood as i always hear random. Perhaps a update changed? And then again sometimes the house just always wins.