Adding "Value" to EE

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sushi, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. Full support sushi nice thread hope devs take an interest:)
  2. Support - except mabye xtal idea because as people said previously, sometimes your forced to stay down however doesnt look good on stats.

    Nice first thread btw! :)
  4. Idk it just the fact that it seems to much and some clans might not want to tell other ppl their wc or tk for whatever reason idk i think everything seems cool but that i feel like if it involves spells devs dont care much for spells
  5. Actually i can create a LB for this. Would unluckily start next war but none the less i can do this if wanted.
  6. Ee is not very popular anymore
  7. 3 individual, going on 4. Win/loss 3/0... ko count: war1=10/1 , war2=5/3 , war3=5/0 resulting in a total 20 knockout with me koed 4 times. Total mith earned idk 140 ish. Idk how much I used casting :-/
  8. Support this is also beautifull reward for the effort wc and tk's doing️
  9. Support

    Also, what about successful actions like attacks, steals, scouts, etc???
  10. Roar, stay!
  11. You must've lurked a bit and such if this is your first thread :D

    On a side note, I like it. Bravo and happy kawing :D
  12. Smart idea... Support
  13. Ohhh mngod PRRFECT SUPPORT
  14. Support! Great job Sushi and Cherry!