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  1. Hurry up and update 😂

  2. I'm trying 😂😂😂
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  3. UPDATE:

    All Levels of the new Pallumen Land Buildings have been added, including their names, cost, refund, and static stats.
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  4. UPDATE: Fortress of the Radiant Wellspring (Attack Heavy Troop Building) Complete
  5. Hi, your values for Pallumen sale values seem to be inaccurate. The current values are based off a 20% return for the respective upgrade value, without taking into account the return amount is cumulative.

    The return values should be as follows:

    Level 1: 38.4T
    Level 2: 115.2T
    Level 3: 268.8T
    Level 4: 576T
    Level 5: 1.16Q
    Level 6: 2.21Q
    Level 7: 3.99Q
    Level 8: 6.856Q
    Level 9: 11.14Q
    Level 10: 17.56Q

    Credits to Thrawn for the above values.
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  6. Yes, the spreadsheet we were working from calculated only 20% return of the cost of that particular level upgrade instead of the cumulative amount invested in that particular level. We have all of the data corrected; just haven't had the time to fix each of the graphics yet. Will do soon.

    Golthar was the first to report all of the data correctly for each building (name of units, amount of units, cost, etc.) I wanted to be sure to give him the credit due for his efforts.
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  7. Ok, all of the refund data has been corrected now.

    I will finish up the Unit charts this week.
  8. Great job updating this.
  9. Pallumen Balanced Troop Building complete and updated.
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  10. While you're doing updates, I noticed the fatesands troop att and troop def buildings are swapped.

    Mahal of the sublime ones is the att heavy troop building but has the stats of the def heavy one and vice versa
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  11. Can you upload pallumen land price 8 and above ?
  12. Pallumen land price 11 and above
    Can anyone help ?
  13. wondering if there is an ETA on pallumen tower stats, seem to be the only building stats missing.
  14. Just wanted to tell you that some of the land prices are wrong and misplaced. Right now, I just discovered fatesand price to be wrong.
  15. Land number 17 is 9.177.493Q
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  16. Land number 16 was 6.989Q
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  17. Land 15 is 6.1186Q
  18. ty
  19. Ty
  20. Pallumen land prices

    8- 2,753,383,030,526,400

    9- 3,059,314,478,362,660

    10- 3,518,211,650,117,060

    11- 3,977,108,821,871,460

    12- 4.4 qd

    13- 4.8 qd

    14- 5.2 qd (not sure)

    15- 6.1186

    16- 6.989

    17- 9.177

    18- 10 qd +
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