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    Ban chocolate for post farming 40 pages
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    Deez nuts
  5. Thanks for the kind words, guys (page 42). I'm glad you find the guide helpful! :)

    I have all the images/tables for the guide, I just need to add them. So it won't take long time to finish it.
  6. This is great thanks so much. Sorry for trolling a bit on 43 :lol: Btw love chocolate color
  7. Yet another great helpful fresh look on guides from choco thanks again!
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    Btw you messed up desc of gold honor dragon egg achievement in the achievement guide. Says awarded to those who found quetzal feathers :lol:
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    :lol: :lol: good job though...
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    Finally someone is taking it upon themselves to do this again!
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    Thanks for telling! :) It has been fixed.
  12. Highland #25 is 300 billion
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    To avoid some confusion, you should add bother the LL symbol and the HL symbol to (I think) Tiers 3 and 4, SoS, Guilds, and the defensive fortress to show you can build them on both.
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    That's a good idea. I will add it when I get time. Thanks! :)
  15. Thanks! It will be fixed when I get time.
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    Can someone explain plunder mechanics of spy buildings to me?
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    That post on page 33 is gone.
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    A big cheers to choc for redoing and perfecting those awesome guides. Very helpful. I appreciate it very much ️
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    Great work as Always Chocolate still waiting forward for the Hoarfrost and Abyss buildings though.

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    Thank you guys. I'm glad you find the guide helpful and that you appreciate my effort! Thanks a lot! :D

    Sorry for that it is taking some time, but I've been experiencing some technical problems. I've added the "Elven Temple", and the rest of the buildings will be added later. Thanks for your patience! :)

    The highland #25 has been fixed now, so the right place should be displaying. Sorry for that it took some time!