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  1. I've resereved all the pages I need. Some buildings have been addded, and I will add the rest later (and when the post made by another user on page 33 is deleted).

    If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to contact me here or on my wall.
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    Cool Thread I actually needed an updated one yesterday!
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    You might wanna fix those be codes! :D
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    Thank you! :)

    Do you mean the ones on the first page in the Table of Contents?
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    In the second paragraph of opener u but ceiling and buying prices instead of selling. Great thread been needed for a while though
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    Thanks for telling! :) It has been fixed now.
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    Oh year sorry you just haven't put in the url yet :p
  8. Edit: URL links added.
  9. Excellent thread chocolate, ty for taking the time to make it. :0)
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    Cobra not trolling thats a new
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    The first 'title' is annoying me so much...
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    Reserved for my opinion on this thread once it's done
  13. That post won't be deleted why would it?
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    There's a good chance it will get deleted. A mod is putting in the request.

    Always appreciate your hard work chocolate. Thanks for making a new guide for this =)
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    Yea definitely. There aren't any good build/land guides and there's one that has all the land prices which is usually what I need but it's so hard to find. I hope this is good and gets put in guides
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    Thanks for making this thread chocolate! It's been greatly needed by many people 
  17. You're welcome, guys! And thank you so much for all the kind words!! :D
  18. Wow chocolate, props to you for spending so much effort to help this community
  19. Oh my! Thank you! Really needed this! Thanks :)
    Hope you add information to it soon!
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    Thanks for this guide Chocolate it's been really helpful.