ad mortem declares war on KaW

Discussion in 'Wars' started by Swabia, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. You're a ******* idiot. AM HAS declared war on ALL of KaW (with the exception of our allies of course), but we can't very well fight all our battles in a single day now can we? When the time is right, and we feel like we can successfully take on larger clans then we will do so. Until then, post with your main or stfu!
  2. yes... you deserve an round of applause for noticing my actions. :lol:
  3. You use the laughing face a lot when nothing is funny.

  4. wait a minute....

    hold on....

    1 sec...

    so, ad mortem declares war on kaw.... in exception of allies. but cant fight all ur battles in a single day.. but want to wait when the time is right, then take on larger clans, LB clans. :roll: when u declare war on all of kaw, expect trouble to knock on ur doorstep... and if u cant handle that trouble, especially if an LB clan wants to test u (anyday now), then declaring war on kaw was an epic fail.

  5. and you talk alot, but all i see is blah blah... something in ur butthole, blah blah....
  6. Lol your a noob and a ten year old
  7. ur a noob.... sucking on ur moms tits
  8. @ bloody tampon
    Ad mortem has fough some lb clans already. Kotfe and aah. Although they didnt win they are still here fighting clans.
    Soon as they build clan memebers and grow in war and learn how to communicate more with each other i am sure they will kick some serious ass. Its all in a matter of time.
  9. I don't understand your logic. (or lack thereof) as a war clan we do expect trouble to come knocking, and in fact it has on more than 1 occasion and we got spanked. Did we cry on anyone's walls or the forums about it? No, we took our lickings and kept on fighting the good fight.
  10. What a comeback. Your posts are dumber each time. Get a life I know that you love trashing clans with an alt but it's honestly dumb as ****
  11. And tampon, if you don't like it, any one of our news feeds is open to you.
  12. everytime u talk, u just make zaft look bad.... id suggest u stay out of this thread. ;)
  13. Well I've used forums enough for today I'll leave it to drgn to burn your ass again. Good posts every body except tampon. And when you grow a pair and post with a main ill talk to you again.
  14. @tampon like i said before ad mortem has faced lb clans already. So plz maybe go around do some research. Im looking at roster and they still have the same memebers from when they started. But i see some new members.
    Seems there growig well. And maybe in time even a troll like you will be impressed by them.
  15. yes..... it was intentional.... stoopid noob
  16. I thought you didn't have time for us.

    Retarded dumbass.
  17. Hmm wow this is soo funny watching him trying to comeback .
  18. [​IMG]
  19. If you said we weren't worth your time, why do you continue to waste your time here, being stupid?
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