Ad Mortem/CoS vs AAH

Discussion in 'Wars' started by dogmeat, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. :lol: darth doesnt?? he was actually in the clan warring... :| no way in hell you could even hit an AAH member tiger
  2. Tiger, with all due respect, shut up. You didn't participate on this war, and you're derailing the thread.

    And to think I used to like you :evil:
  3. congrats AAH !! dont know details of this butad mortem declared war on kaw and recieved 1st loss to a great clan :p
  4. yeah, we know what happened, we were in the clan warring! we know how it started and obviosuly everyone knows how it ended. that's that.
  5. Total opposite = fap fap fap fap fap
  6. You didn't help or break down anyone. Let us all say, tiger, you fail.
  7. Yes, Tiger was a dedicated loyal war hero who suppressed the combined might of Ad Mortem and CoS to save a Leaderboard clan. The daring, brave veteran was the demise of CoS.

    That was all wrong, just practicing my writing skills. The sarcasm doesn't show, but it's there ;)
  8. Thanks for a good war

    Ⱥ β Ⱥ N Đ θ N Ⱥ Ł Ł H θ Ƿ Ɇ 
    ༺Տ թ Ɏ Տ Ɏ N Đ l· C Â Ⱦ Σ༻
  9. Who wants to make super tiny alts for the sole reason of making tiger leave? :|
  10. You're not looking at one, I genuinely want to grow :|
  11. Good fun n a good fight!!!
  12. N 2 think I almost reset Jk respect
  13. Great fun warring! Great fight!!!
  14. Lovely fight.

    Pretty fun. Most fun I had in the game. Kinda sad though. I was here in the pwar era. Nothing was really fun then.
  15. At least then it took a bit of time to unload, with the repeat button there is no effort for great reward.
  16. AAH, back to fighting YAFI now please