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Discussion in 'Wars' started by *-AppleBoy- (01), May 10, 2014.

  1. So? My first thread was utterly pointless and stupid. Most peoples are. This actually does serve a purpose for those who are pretty much either just starting or really, REALLY bad at this game, but still serves a purpose. Your threats are the only thing that were unnecessary here.'
  2. Jeez Forum Sheriff, go ahead and bloody arrest me
  3. okay little dude. Start by tracking the lb top 50. I wanna know exactly when redstar eats, sleeps, and craps.
  4. 
  5. Lol If sharp wants to permafarm the dude. Let him be. It's a war game after all.
  6. I like this Frog guy. Support for Frog️
  7. Alright frog bro that's true. But I can also defend him, and suggest he pick on someone his own size. Say, me, for example.
  8. You're inviting me to PvP?
  9. #EveryoneLovesFarr
  10. @Farr

    True. Just as Sharp can threaten anyone he wants you're also right to do as you want, buddy.
  11. Awkwardly enough sharp and I are mates. Should have looked at his profile first. :lol:
  12. Sorry for hassle bro
  13. Me too mate. My fault for not checking your profile :lol:.
    This happens way too often to me nowadays.
  14. Farr *-*
    Track me :3
  15. God it's my impersonator again.
  16. Please lock this lol
  17. You'll be first to have your time published. That will be free. :D