Aces N Eights

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  1. got FOD on - - HTE To follow

    3M CS
  2. ╖╓║╓╖HTE/Haunts Rotation
    ╟╢╫║╜5 Day Passes Available
    ╜╙║╙╜Seal Needed for Entry
  3. This is a great clan, had the pleasure of visiting and a nice environment to be in :)
  4. Did you pop by for FOD last night? My news got flooded and idk who all was here. I noticed Daph. If so, thanks for the help :)
  5. Support! I visited here :) awesome bunch of people... Will visit again soon x
  6. On their perm farm list. Get no inc. Top notch clan right here lads....
  7. I like the Wild Bill Hickok association.

    Nice clan thread.
  8. I remember when I was a member on my main great place
  9. We have 3 perm farms, and most of our members are in 1v1 ATM. Excuse us for not thinking you warrent a CA
  10. support deni all though the red to black is kinda hard to read
  11. I believe you. I swear.
    Keep up the good work 
  12. Don't worry hun. The rest of the clan need not hit you. We can 1v1 for a few days, if you last that long ;)
  14. Was that quote needed, mask?
  15. He does that on literally every thread in AT.

  17. Aww how cute 
  18. Man this is hard to read. Get rid of the colors.
  19. Bump. I'll tell her your suggestion and she will probably get to it sometime over this weekend. Do you have a color scheme in mind or would you personally prefer it go be naked?
  20. Join us next for TOC with HTE following

    ║╓╖╓╖3M CS
    ╫║║║Rings and Shoulders
    ║╙╜╙╜Looking For Perms