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  1. I’d like the achievement for 150 days active to say how long ago it was achieved instead of just “long ago”. I know you can check it on pc but that’s a bit awkward. I’m surprised this isn’t a thing already.

    On that note if you happen to be on a pc right now I’d appreciate knowing when I got mine.
  2. I'll never understand why ATA added one feature to one platform of KaW but not the others.

  3. *the moment you first opened the forums not the time you first played the game it could be that exact day or a few days off your yearly achievement is exact though if you want to note that next time you get it
  4. Thanks bacon. That would be 7 years 5 months and I have the 8 year account achievement so I guess I didn’t open the forum until a long time after I started playing.
  5. :) no problem

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  7. Creepy. Joined in 2012 and has 2012 posts  conspiracies...
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  12. Whats my account age?
  13. 08/23/2010 I entered into this grind.....frustrating, fun, sad to see old friends retire, thrilled when old players return!