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  1. Just a quick and basic guide covering the new buildings stats at max level.

    Troop Buildings - Level 10

    Selachian Maw - ATK 2,525,820 / DEF 1,683,748
    Sea Nymph Temple - ATK 1,916,882 / DEF 2,490,620
    Kraken Lair - ATK 2,297,496 / DEF 2,297,496

    Spy Building - Level 10

    Cult of the Abyssal Eye - ATK 1,952,700 / DEF 1,952,700

    Towers - Level 10

    Beacon Tower (Spy Defense) - ATK 0 / DEF 2,921,836
    Undersea Keep (Troop Defense) - ATK 0 / DEF 3,432,642

    Level 10 Upgrade Cost - 900b
    Total Cost of Building - 3.49T

    Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks so much for posting this. Been wondering for a while.
  3. Well that makes sense on why people are able to have 100m cs hansels and 160m cs atk builds ... 
  4. Nice to meet you mod I haven't seen before. Thank you for the building stats, been looking for a guide like this.
  5. Way to ruin the surprise. 
  6. First person to be
    Attack ~154,000 (1 lvl 3 CoE)
    Defense ~154,000
    Spy attack ~whatever 1 lvl 3 sos gives
    Spy defense OVER 90,000,000!! (Actually way more than that... Thinking around 210m for albc

    Wins a free internet

    With around 3 quadrillion in allies, you could win the kaw too
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  8. cool stats that i will never have! :')
  9. If anything is incorrect wall me and I will update it, thanks
  10. How much does the full upgrade cost?
  11. 90


    3,490 is the total cost of 1 abyss building
  12. Updated
  13. Ty so much.
  14. This needs stickied been waiting see stats for some time. thank you
  15. I was hoping to figure this out on my own.

    Op ruined it for me.

    Thanks op
  16. Thank you for posting this Nelliel!
  17. even know how many 0's are in quadrillion?
  18. Superstar Nel!!
    thank you muchly!!
  19. 1st helpful thing I've seen nelliel post: dunno why even a mod when never vocal or visible anywhere then in clan.
  20. I'm updating the Kawculator for those that use it to take into consideration the 10 level split.

    Anyone with level 1,3,5,7,9 of the abyssal buildings can you please follow (ex codes) Nel's format and post in this thread. ️️