Abyss Towers decreased my plunder

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  1. So...I noticed the previous thread re: plunder and the Abyss and Osman Rai was locked...but with another account I erected a SDT to max in the Abyss. After doing so...my plunder decreased. I had the same amount of allies and it was on the same EB. My plunder decreased quite a bit. The previous thread was locked with such conviction and finality...yet there are numerous examples provided in which these towers decrease plunder. Likewise...there are just as many examples in which plunder is not decreased. Is there perhaps some glitch? Is there an element of randomness? Is there something I should buy to nullify the decreased plunder? Please provide further elucidation mods and developers
  2. I noticed this as well. Im quite cuurious

    As a side note, give it about an hour before -mei- or moody will lock this because someone would have "answered your question" but not to the extent of which you wanted. :lol: happened on the other one.
  3. No doubt..We shall await a suitable doublespeak answer
  4. I just remembered, abyss towers always had a plunder drop lol. However it wasn't too noticeable unless you built quite a few on that land.
  5. Why cant the devs just tell us what new buildings do, there is no joy in building blindly
  6. Or just STOP growing. What's really the point of reaching bc? :lol:
    Everyone cares so much about plunder, this has become a hoarding game. What's the point of building towers if the hansels have the best event item drop rate.. With or without towers, if you are not a hansel, your plunder would still suck..
  7. I just build whatever is the prettiest

  8. Ya know Barbie...wow...I like that strategy. It's like playing the horses...study the stats all you want..the pony that's going to win..is the pony that's going to win.

    The game is rigged. Proceed accordingly
  9. Yes my plunder dropped with a tower in the abyss. Some days it doesn't but mine did for sure.
  10. Not like there's any point having towers anymore anyway, unless you have 150msdt.
  11. K.. You've clearly never been in a war
  12. yeah i noticed a decrease when building a sdt on abyss too & been wondering why that mod was sure enough to lock that last thread on this issue myself, can we see evidence of it not dropping from ne1?
  13. Because the new batch of mods are idots and don't like active discussion on forums. As soon as they see an answerr its BOOM! Thats a lock.

    I agree, We should have an explanation as too why this sudden drop. I have been playing 6 years and everytime I had put towers down previosuly there was no drop. Up until recently.

  14. If only if there was a thread, somewhere deep in the darkest areas of the graveyard, that was made specifically for asking Kaw related questions and would never be locked. I guess its just an empty dream, such a thing would never exist.
  15. 1. You're annoying
    2. You're goddamn annoying
  16. I love you too.
  17. @ OP. Why didn't you post with your other account that put up SDT to max on Abyss? Would help ppl to see that accounts size, and offer more advice and/or opinion to this question.

    I notice no BR spell on. Did you have that previously when you tested your plunder?
  18. Op were you at mp ?

    If yes, hire more allies.

    You sure your br did not ran out :)

    As far as i know towers in abyss/osmon neve reduces ur plunder.
  19. They do. I just don't know if building mass amounts continues to drop it.
  20. Fruity, you have almost no SDT. What are you whining about now? Sheesh.
    SS or it is false (and I know it is). So many have proven this is a joke and you all ignore. That's why last thread was locked.