Abyss Lands/Buildings Info

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  1. Or they're trying to really nerf spies :lol:
  2. I see you lurking Kassio, we'd appreciate your thoughts :)
  3. so why not just nerf spies instead of making it possible to create a strip-proof account?

    give troops an attack option that can kill spies or something.
  4. You can almost create an attack proof account too, but with that you'd hugely sacrifice income since over 75% of your lands would be towers.

    It's like a joke to create a spy proof one, you can still rake in the dough with half your build free :lol:
  5. Here's my sexy build that can counter a build complete PS using full spy atk pots


    I am invincible :lol: :lol:
  6. When u finish that build gimme a call n i can test my attack...TY in advance
  7. Maybe I should just go all towers :shock:
  8. Lol... Trying to get awake first 

    Not sure I have a lot of thoughts about massive SDT builds, I'm not an expert. Interesting to see those build examples though. Those massive static stats will put a new emphasis on % stat gear, achievements and especially propacks...

    In my opinion, the low usable stats as well as the massive plunder drop will of course limit the number of such accounts to "LB banks". IMF, Twicc, Mickey are the names that come to my mind.
  9. % EQ is rob from Peter n give to Paul
    I don't see any major impact..except boots n Abyssal Sword will improve somewhat.

  10. *waits for the permanent Opt out of PvP spell*
  11. So you're saying I should build my towers on the new lands?
  12. when the ps converts to hansel and launches attacks he will get through once you're low
  13. Helpful thread TY
  14. Just when i was thinking I would be hflc sometime soon..
  15. I have little hope of being hlbc XD not even thinking about HF so **** this lol
  16. 40k spy atk=0 spy buildings
    (If castle is level 3)
  17. @dead, the opponing hansel can still attack him :p
  18. What are stats for rest of the levels.
  19. Spy lv2 = 207740 att and def
    Spy lv3 = 522500 att and def