AB decreased by 3m/hit in Haunting

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Malestone7469, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Has anyone noticed that your Ally Bonus has actually decreased by 3m/hit for EB The Haunting.

    Those who have please feedback ATA regarding this. Devs have always said they wouldn't change payout.

    But to reduce our Ally Bonus, it sucks major. That's the main way Hansels, especially Guild Hansels make gold.

    Please comment.

    Thank you
  2. Mine seems the complete same. Hmm that's odd
  3. I have not noticed
    But I have also been playing with estic edge for awile .
  4. WTF??? NOOOOOOO!!!
  5. FoD it is then :lol:
  6. I still get the same amount as usual... Send some feedback.
  7. Noob
  8. i got a allie with quite good stats and was expecting a better mp but ended up getting 1 mill less per hit in ebs. Why is this?
  9. I have also noticed this! WTF! Got my payout up then it drops for nothing!
  10. Nope. Seems you all have glitches, congrats :D
  11. I have noticed this to went from 23.4M to 21M.
  12. MALE NOOBED PUT :shock:
  13. Out*

  14. Did anyone of you have estoc edge and it ran out or you changed clans and lost the edge spell?
  15. Have you considered that you had an Estocs
    Edge spell and now it is gone? Or perhaps an ally was bought without you realising.

    If you are positive that this is some kind of glitch, send feedback or email the developers at support@athinkingape.com.

    They will help you out. 
  16. Its probably either, you dont have enough allies(got hired away) or you had estoc edge and it went away, or you upgraded something and messed your plunder up :p