A War Thread Guide for Forum Noobs

Discussion in 'Wars' started by The_Philosopher, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. Thanks ooz. You ain't so bad yourself. 
  2. Personally, I have no desire to stage any forum popularity contests. I run 5 accounts, one clan, and thoroughly enjoy my time kawing.

    I also thoroughly enjoy talking about Kaw issues which is why I make one or two threads a month which deal with Kaw wars and strategy. I'm not a volume forumer, I prefer crafting one well thought out thread that hopefully the kaw world at large might be interesting.

    Cheese's thread about the flamers caught my eye because it stated his desire to police Kaw to his liking by becoming mod. Now, if Wulf, Val or some other Kaw warrior I respect made it I might have considered it, but I find it laughable that some statless build that seems totally disinterested in any real talk about Kaw yet feels the right to go around and bully people in war threads. I good forumer gives accountability. If IG or regs feel they dislike something I do then they can farm me. The same cannot be said for cheese who threatens ppl with his dev whining without putting anything at stake himself. Can't have much respect for that.
    In short sure he can make his 3-4 threads a week about whatever pops in his head. I don't real give a tinkers dam. Just don't act like the "game" you play is in anyway related to the one I do. Non Kaw players shouldn't dictate what Kaw players do.
  3. On the flip to that though Phil, cheese has in the past cared about this game as a game. Maybe time constraints keep him on the forums these days? They can be very entertaining, which is why I find myself on them often(same can be said for both of you).
    In years past cheese has had a main, has been active in the actual game, and knows the history etc etc..

    Point being, after his retirement he came back on a new account(did not reset for those who continue to claim that *cough*lop*cough*) and it appears is just sticking to forums, which is fine. Rebuilding YEARS of work is a daunting task. It doesn't take away from the fact that he was a player, had a lot to loose, and still was the same ol cheese. Kotfe be damned

    There's an off topic section for a reason.
    We can't all have the awesome insight and connections that you have to make the Great War threads that you do. They are some of the best reads in the AT Us simpletons are left to make conversation about horns, dogs and Rick Astley.
  4. Nice Thread

    CORE out
  5. Well I'd just ignore Cheeseball he was more fun when you could farm him. I think he needs some couch time with a good shrink.
    War threads attract noobs. Most are great fun to read. Most the ppl contributing don't have a clue. Many are just being added to "after war kick in the face" list. There are at least 20 good reasons not to be on a war thread your involved in and 50 if your not.
  6. @phil,

    I'm not interested in how much of your life you commit to this game. I don't need multiple accounts or activity to understand mechanics and game dynamics. Like oOz said, I've been playing for years. Been talking **** for years. Been farmed and stripped and always came back laughing.

    I'm not here to have a dick measuring contest, but I can tell you for sure that I've contributed more mechanics-related threads and answered more technical questions about this game than you have up to this point. What you think you contribute is really just a soap opera - you're an entertainer. That's why people like you. You're a good entertainer. I would say that you're the KaW equivalent of this guy:


    He's more politically focused, as are you.

    I am more technically and socially focused. I make threads about mechanics as well as general ethical discussions. That's what interests me, and it's what I'm told people enjoy about my threads.

    You can't point your finger at me and say that I'm a non-contributor to this game because I have contributed in countless other in-game ways. With the help of a few, good friends, I grew three clans, developed countless warriors who now hold council positions in war clans throughout KaW, and showed the ropes to hundreds of newbs who are probably out there somewhere still enjoying this game. I still keep in touch with many of them.

    I have touched hundreds of lives in this game. Just because I haven't opened the battle list or hit an EB in a few months does not make me useless. I've proven my salt through time invested as well as months long OSW.

    So you can sit back with your convenient excess free time to have the luxury to enjoy all aspects of this game and point at me and call me an irrelevant player, but the reason I'm willing to put my character on the line is to show you that you're absolutely wrong.
  7. @Phil.

    You didn't reply to my post...
    Now why was that?
  8. Dionise, just stop yourself, OK? You have never farmed me. You're one of the worst self-proclaimed "farmers" I've ever met. I smacked you around for weeks without retribution, so please remove your head from your kiester and quit trying to be a forum warrior - that's my job. ;)
  9. Phil only replies to posts where he has a chance of retaining a degree of dignity.
  10. See Phil it's easy just ignore. lol
  11. Lmao at the biggest forum noob in the game calling the kettle a noob.

    I have not heard a soul speak of you reporting inc, activity or any other in game aspect other than your prolific forum presence...

    You're a drummer who wants to sing bro.
  12. I enjoy counting the ratio of laughing Emoji to actual text. Amazing how close it can come. Lol. Nice thread Phil.
  13. @Cheese.

    Ahh, that explains it.
  14. Never before seen pics of Phil covering an OSW
  15. Phil.. I love you bro (as in I'm a fan of ur work).. 
  16. Do people really not know who cheese is?? Or is he a fake? Seems people do not know that cheese was not a forum noob.
  17. I also like phil's threads.
  18. I think people are taking this a bit too personally.