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  1. YOU are capable of finding who the greatest person ever is, just look at the first word in the sentence! Okay, that was bad.

    How about this?

    Search in Google "someone better than me" and then press I'm feeling lucky! Tell me what it says.

    If your day has not been made any better, then too bad. It was not my intention, I needed to go buy some banana bread,my friend decided to tag along, so he came with me and tripped and his wallet fell into a fire.

    He was sad, so he took out his second wallet and an eagle swooped from the sky and dropped into a 8 year old's pocket. Moral of the story. DONT BUY BANANA BREAD. You're welcome.

  2. Hahaha that gif
  3. What's going on with this thread??

    "HOLY HELL!!!"


    That was entertaining! :D

  4. lol yup!
  5. Kim Carrie I remember that movie but not the name because the wall with the exit sign moved when he ran into it.
  6. Jim
  7. Did someone say banana?